Chinese gamers respond to Elder Scrolls Online's "global" launch (which doesn't include China)


Last Friday, The Elder Scrolls Online went live for players all over the world…except China. Because Chinese regulations dictate that online games must be operated by Chinese companies, The Elder Scrolls Online will need to work out a China publishing deal before the game can be released in the Middle Kingdom.

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But of course, that hasn’t stopped Chinese gamers from salivating over the new MMO and complaining about the fact that they can’t play it yet. Here are some comments from Chinese gaming sites about the Elder Scrolls Online release:

Hebei user:

Why does the global launch not include China? Why is the celestial kingdom [a sarcastic name for China] always so special?

Hubei user (responding to above comment):

Socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Sichuan user:

Goddamnit, I’ve waited nearly two years for this game, when the hell is it coming out on the mainland?

Hainan user:

Those old cadres at the Ministry of Culture [which must approve online games operating in China] should retire; look, they’ve pissed off these net users to the point that they’re renouncing China!

Heibei user:

Is China a Martian country or something? Of course not. In the eyes of people from developed countries, we are monkeys, not people. But of course this is our government’s fault.

Beijing user:

According to my friend who was in the beta it’s really boring, he’s not even playing it anymore…

Shandong user:

“Launched at the same time globally (not including China)” …my god, our country has left the globe!

Tianjin user:

I can’t afford it.

Jiangsu user:

This monthly fee is less than an hour’s wage in imperialist America, but here i the celestial kingdom many people work a full day and can’t get to that number.

QQ user:

It’s finally out, now where can I buy it?

QQ user:

I really want to play this, please come set up a server in China soon.

Tianjin user:

Truly great games, we can’t play, what’s recommended to us daily is just second-class Korean games, the tragedy of the Chinese gamer.

Shanxi user:

If it was like Guild Wars 2 where you just had to buy the client, that would be better…but the crux of the matter is: will this be playable in China?

US-based user:

I’m already level 21.

(Comments collected from 17173, Netease, and QQ Games)


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