China’s Top Apple Hackers Launch a Pirate iOS App Store

Steven Millward
2:30 pm on Apr 16, 2013
Pirate iOS App Store from China

KuaiYong has just launched this web store for pirated iOS apps.

Far from being shut down by Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), the Chinese team behind KuaiYong seems to be thriving. Last year it made a no-jailbreak-needed alternative to iTunes that not only pirates iOS apps, but also helps sync them to your iPhone or iPad. This week, the same team has launched a web version of its pirate iOS app store at

The 7659 “store” is full of pirated iOS apps and games available for free. While the content is nothing new – it was previously embedded in the Kuaiyong PC app – it makes the renegade startup more accessible to potential new users who can browse the available apps in their web browser. If you choose to download one of the iOS apps or games from the 7659 site, it actually downloads the Kuaiyong PC app if you don’t have it already.

Interestingly, the site uses geolocation detection to hide itself from those outside of China. So, only readers within China will see the store as pictured in my screenshots. For those outside of the nation, you’ll either see an error message or it’ll just redirect to the KuaiYong homepage.

Aside from this new web store, KuaiYong is planning to launch its piracy-pimped iTunes alternative app internationally, but the English version of that is still not ready.

After the demise of the iOS jailbreak app Installous, which enabled an iPhone or iPad to use pirated apps, many will be looking for Installous alternatives – and KuaiYong is clearly hoping to fill that niche, with the added benefit of not requiring a jailbreak. And there’s clearly nothing Apple can do about it.

Pirate iOS App Store from China

A game page on the new pirate store. Click to enlarge.

  • Brian

    I know Apple makes billions of dollars annually so it’s not exactly hurting from this, but as a (super small) business owner, it’s tough to see when Chinese companies rip off the ideas that other people come up with. China may or may not be the next “great growing economy” but at the moment, they’re much better at imitating than innovating! For it to ever be a true powerhouse, they’ll need stricter laws on piracy and IP, and a legitimate legal system that enforces it.

  • jack

    Do the Chinese care at all about their image around the world? They’re nothing but rip-off con artists without an original bone in their bodies. It’s time to wage an economic war on China to straighten out their horrible practices.

  • Jason

    An economic war on China, would probably ruin any country involved.
    Unless it was done buy a clear majority, certainly not just the US

  • gbraad

    There is another one which is quite similar in execution:

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