China will get EA titles for mobile this year via PopCap China


PopCap China in Shanghai may be one of the only two PopCap offices worldwide still run independently of EA, but it is finally getting a finger in the Electronic Arts pie this year.

Once its 2014 fiscal year begins in April, PopCap China will begin working on bringing EA property to the mobile market in China.

Leo Liu, General Manager of PopCap Greater China, told us that one of the good things about working with EA was that they respected achievements, and recognized the company’s success with their culturalized version of Plants vs ZombiesPlants vs Zombies: Great Wall. As a result of that, PopCap China’s responsibilities would be expanding beyond the PopCap mobile IPs and into EA’s.

“We can do all,” he said, when asked which IPs the company would choose to work on, but added that they would “pick a few top priority projects” for the Chinese market.

“Our job is first to filter opportunities, then put a team together to make it work in China,” he said.

Though EA has countless of good IP for PopCap China to choose from, Liu named the FIFA, Need for Speed, Heroes of Dragon Age and Battlefield series as titles they were considering. When asked about Battlefield 4‘s recent ban in China, marketing and PR director Rickie Zhao said that only the console version of Battlefield has been banned, and that the company would find a way to work around that.

Read about the Battlefield 4 ban in China:

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UPDATE 14-1-2014: There was a mistake with GM Leo Liu’s surname, as well as with referring to PopCap China as PopCap Shanghai. We have edited the article to reflect the changes and apologize for the mistakes.

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