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A Map of China’s Digital Landscape [INFOGRAPHIC]

Rick Martin
Rick Martin
9:07 am on Sep 20, 2011

The Infographic of the Day series visually expresses important stories from Asia and the world of technology.

Here’s another handy infographic from the folks over at Burson Marsteller. This time it focuses on China’s digital landscape, summarizing the many types of activities that netizens are engaged in, as well as the websites and services they frequent.

Among some of the more noteworthy observations:

  • Chinese users spend 32 hours per month online
  • 41 percent of netizens’ time is spend on Weibo and SNS
  • 23 percent of time online is spent watching video

We should note that some of the data comes from a Group M report, which we mentioned a few weeks back. For more details, please check that out as well.

[View full size graphic in new window]

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