Finally, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and Fire HD Launch Today in China

Amazon Kindle Paperhite and Kindle Fire HD launch in China

The Kindle Fire HD is hidden inside Amazon China store ahead of today’s launch. Click to enlarge.

Though it’s likely that not many Chinese users care all that much, the tech world has nonetheless been awaiting the arrival of Amazon’s Kindle hardware in China most keenly. And now, at long last, it has happened. We’ve found hidden pages on Amazon’s China site that confirm the launch of the Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire HD. The official announcement is set to happen shortly at 4pm local time. (UPDATED at 16:15: Amazon China now confirms it on its frontpage, so we’ve updated headline from ‘Here’s the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and Fire HD Ready to Launch in China’).

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite launch in China, June 2013

The China Kindle marketplace is working already. Click to enlarge.

Furthermore, one Sina Weibo user with an imported Kindle device has managed to login to the Chinese Kindle marketplace (see here) this afternoon, as pictured below.

As seen on the hidden product pages, the price tags are RMB 849 ($137) for the Kindle Paperwhite, and RMB 1,499 ($243) for the Kindle Fire HD, and a bit extra for the 32GB model.

E-books at the ready

This Kindle Paperwhite launch comes a month after Amazon opened its Android app store in China, which itself came a few weeks after the roll-out of Amazon’s Cloud Drive to Chinese consumers. Both are important platforms that complement Amazon’s hardware. The e-bookstore already launched in the country last December, with viewing of those e-books restricted to Amazon’s smartphone or Mac/Windows apps.

Amazon Kindle Paperhite and Kindle Fire HD launch in China 02

Click to enlarge also.

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