Check out Code 105, a new Chinese MOBA/action hybrid


There are a boatload of MOBA games, both domestic and foreign, in China right now. But there’s one Chinese-developed game that’s trying something new by putting players into a third-person MOBA battleground that mixes the strategy of games like Dota and League of Legends with the hack-and-slash fun of action games.

The game, which will hit semi-open beta this upcoming Saturday, was developed by Hunan’s Nebula Stormsoft, and it has apparently been in the works for years. Check out what it looks like in action in the trailer below:

In the trailer above, the company claims the game is the world’s first blending of 3rd-person 3D action and esports-style MOBA gameplay. That isn’t true, nor is Code 105 the first MOBA/action hybrid to enter open beta. But it’s certainly the first such game to be developed in China.

If you’re interested in trying the game out, you can register an account here; registered accounts should automatically receive an activation code for the beta kicking off on the 15th. You can go here to download the game client.

(via 17173)

UPDATED 10-3-2014: Updated to state categorically that Code 105 isn’t the first such game to enter open beta.

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