Toge Productions also believes anyone can cook with new game, Cooking Kong


In Pixar animated film Ratatouille, the late chef Gusteau often cried out that anyone could cook. Indonesia’s Toge Productions, of Infectonator fame, wants to prove that adage right with its newest game shown at Casual Connect Asia 2014, Cooking Kong.

Done in the delightful pixel art that Toge Productions is well known for, Cooking Kong is a cooking simulator meant for children between five to ten. The premise is that a gorilla and his human friend are hosts of a cooking show, and must keep cooking new recipes in order to keep the ratings for their show high, lest it be cancelled.


Right now Cooking Kong features very simple gameplay. Players combine one cooking method with up to two different ingredients to cook new dishes and unlock new recipes. A spammable “cheer” button appears if a successful recipe is in the works, allowing players to cheer Kong on and earn additional points as the dish cooks.

The game is in very early stages of development, so it currently feels a bit lacking in gameplay features. Yet given Toge’s innovative work with the Infectonator series, I’ve no doubt we’ll see more of this cooking simian before long. The final build of Cooking Kong is expected to come only in several months time.

UPDATE 22-05-2014: We have updated the article’s title for better readability.

Check out some sweet Infectonator action:

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