Bug or Ban? Weibo Users Report Trouble Registering New International Accounts

C. Custer
3:00 am on Oct 13, 2012

After coming across a tip from a user that overseas users might be having trouble registering new Sina Weibo accounts in an earlier article, we decided to do a little investigating. The result? We have no idea what the heck is going on.

We spoke to a number of people as well as attempting our own new account registrations across different countries, ISPs, and browsers, and came up with a lot of different responses. A few folks said they had no trouble registering a new overseas account. Several others said they couldn’t do it at all. Neither my colleague Rick nor I (he’s in Japan, I’m in the US) were able to successfully register a new overseas account even after trying a variety of different email accounts and browsers.

Sorry, you’ve registered too frequently, we suggest you take a break!

Even more oddly, the error messages that we got seemed to vary. Rick got one error message about his email account having too much activity and another “server is too busy” error. I got a different error about having registered too many times despite the fact that I have never tried to register a weibo account on my current ISP and I also tried registering with four different email accounts and across three different browsers.

So what’s going on here. I honestly have no clue, but it’s clear that a decent percentage (though not all) international users are unable to register new Sina Weibo accounts right now. Is this a temporary bug or a concerning new trend? Are you experiencing any issues signing up for a Sina Weibo account? Let us know in the comments.

  • Chong Min

    Interesting. Other Internet banned weibo?

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  • http://www.weliveinbeiijing.com Kyotoweb

    Hey guys,

    I’m one of the guys behind weliveinbeijing.com and recently tried to register a new weibo account using their english or chinese sinup forms, using VPN or not, and never figured out how to successfully register.

    Actually, I figured out many scenarios :

    – When I was trying to register through my VPN (outside of China) on their english form, they asked for my passport number bu I had a message error saying the captcha was invalid. To note no captcha was available on the signup form (…)

    – When I was trying to register through my direct line (in Beijing), without any VPN, I was asked for my chinese ID (which I don’t have as I’m not a chinese, just a laowai resident). I tried with some ID found on the net, wasn’t working – I don’t know what kind of check they do about this.

    So finally I found how to register : through the mobile app. ! I installed Sina Weibo on my Android phone, used the minimalist signup form on it with my email and finished the process through the link I then received on my mailbox.

    Hoping this can help others to join Weibo, don’t hesitate to follow me : @Kyotoweb

  • Kevin

    The “you have registered too many times” error suggests a CDN issue. If they haven’t set things up right, all people registering through the CDN (i.e. everyone outside of China or through a VPN) looks to be coming from the same IP address.

  • No Luck

    Have not been able to successfully register a weibo account, as a foreigner with an email address, from within China (VPN off). Basically I fill everything out and then nothing happens when I press “submit” (when I scroll over it reads “Run script void (0) or Javascript void (0)” on the bottom of my browser). Have tried across safari, firefox and chrome, different versions as well, no luck. Any insight?

  • Can’t either

    Is quite weird even the apps can’t let me register since they need me to verify via the email that they have sent to my inbox and apparently the number can’t even be send via SMS. No idea why ..anyone able to register?

  • hybridasian

    I’ve been having the same problem. Tried different email accounts. Once you’ve used one email account and it doesn’t work, there’s no way back. No chance in using that email account to register ever again.

    I hope this is just temporarily and gets fixed soon! I’m gonna try out the adroid app but I vaguely remember i’ve tried it before and it didn’t work either.

  • Jen

    I also have a problem. I try registering, but it tells me i need a telephone number that is in the region of China. Where as i am from the united states…my phone number is not like theirs. Also, is there not an english registration screen??

  • Mark

    Weird. I’m in Mexico and just registered succesfully yesterday without problems (verified via email using Chrome). No passport number, no ID or phone number. Even the android app works smoothly… BUT the apple app just won’t let me login.

  • http://vandykhamsay.com Vandy

    I’m from France using Chrome and Safari. Tried to register today on weibo.com and it failed on the SMS activation. Received 5 activation SMS codes and none worked… Now I can’t register anymore as it seems the limit has been reached. Any help?

  • http://vandykhamsay.com Vandy

    To follow up: just registered on weibo from my tablet on the default browser on incognito mode with a Gmail address. It worked fine!

  • benicek

    Still seems to be some problems with this. Weibo sends me an activation code by SMS but the registration page doesn’t recognise it.

  • Stephen Reid

    I managed to register, just to be thrown out 30 secs later, without any possibility of getting in. I think they dont want oversee-users

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