Youtube unblocked for some in Pakistan (UPDATED)

C. Custer
12:51 am on Oct 2, 2013

pakistan-youtubeUpdate: It seems Youtube is working via some connections in Pakistan but not from others. It’s possible this is a bug, or it could be that the change is being rolled out gradually.

It looks like Pakistan’s year-long Youtube ban might finally have come to an end. According to a Tech in Asia source in Pakistan, Youtube is now accessible again. This is evident in the screenshot below, where you can see a Pakistan-based internet connection has successfully loaded and played a Youtube video.

Youtube PK

It’s not clear yet whether this is a new policy or just a test, but it may well be related to the rumors from a month ago that the government had acquired technology that would allow it to unblock Youtube while still blocking specific videos it considers to be harmful. We’re looking into whether or not anti-Islam videos are still available on Youtube or not — if not it would seem to indicate the government has its new Youtube content filter in place and Youtube may be back for good — and we’ll update this post when we hear back.

Youtube had been blocked in Pakistan since 2012, when the American company refused to remove the controversial “film” The Innocence of Muslims and the Pakistani government decided some of the site’s content was offensive.

  • Fazal Ashfaq

    Using Wii-tribe in Lahore, Pakistan and it isn’t opening for me. False alarm?

  • Aamnah

    On PTCL, Youtube not working right now.. It has been working intermittently for a while though. On again, off again..

  • Aamir Attaa

    Its not unblocked yet.

    There are instances when YouTube will play in Pakistan, but I can confirm there’s no official order on the unblock issued yet.

  • Hamza Sheikh

    I can confirm YouTube is not working. I am on PTCL network, and still facing the blockage page.

  • Usman Syed

    I’m using PTCL Evo in karachi and I can confirm its not working for me. Hopefully it would soon.

  • raza

    i am very happy

  • sultan

    using wateen , but youtube is still not accessible .i hope it will be unblocked in a few days

  • nasir

    currently accessible in rawalpindi. 3 oct 2013, 7:45am.

  • Mudi

    its still not working guys we will get it soon

  • yasir

    Like this

  • amarsabir

    i am very happy

  • Syed Shah

    at my side most of time it works fine by use of https

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