Rick Martin
Rick Martin
11:20 am on Nov 13, 2012

blood brothers

DeNA (TYO:2432) points out today that its mobile RPG Blood Brothers reached the top of the Google Play top grossing app charts in the US over the weekend. The fantasy RPG has been doing well for the past few months, gradually climbing up in the top ten until it briefly took the top spot this past Saturday (see chart below).

Interestingly, the app that Blood Brothers knocked out of the first spot (temporarily) was another Mobage title, Rage of Bahamut. That game held that position for almost six months. DeNA’s executive games director Kenji Kobayashi is pleased with the success of this up-and-coming title:

Following the success of Rage of Bahamut, we are delighted to see Blood Brothers also gaining remarkable popularity in the U.S. and other countries. […] In Japan, DeNA has accumulated extensive know-how on rapidly iterative game design, where we constantly and quickly incorporate user feedback to our games. We see Blood Brothers’ success as another solid proof point that the model works across borders, not just in Japan.


source: app annie

And indeed, Blood Brothers has been very popular in a number of regions, becoming the top grossing app in more than 22 countries, including France and Canada, plus India, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines here in Asia.

How’s Blood Brothers doing on iOS? That version of the game launched back in August, and ranks as a top ten top grossing app for the ‘role playing’ and ‘adventure’ categories. The app claims over 150,000 downloads to date.

Check out the trailer for Blood Brothers below.

  • Riothamus

    I originally started playing Rage of Bahamut and Dragoncraft (no longer exists), both by Mobage. Recently, prompted by one of their advertising campaigns, I tried out six more Mobage games. Of them, Blood Brothers was the only one that appealed to me. The other five I uninstalled after going through the tutorial plus some.

    Comparing the two, they have a similar feel. The main difference is that Blood Brothers is played out as a RPG on a board, while Rage of Bahamut is a card game. (For the rest of this post, whenever I compare them, I am listing Blood Brothers features first, and Rage of Bahamut features second).

    Both games you have to start with a choice that is irreversible. For Blood Brothers, you choose your Vampire Warlord. For Rage of Bahamut, you choose your alignment.

    Both have tutorials that will introduce you to a storyline and teach you the major points of the game. There is not too much as to overburden you, but there’s enough so that you can play the game independently once the tutorial is finished.

    Both allow you to Collect – minions/familiars or cards. Rarities are similar – Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary for BB, and Normal, High Normal, Rare, High Rare, Super Rare, and Super Super Rare. Both games give you the option of working towards obtaining what you want, though they do have an built-in option to pay for more items.

    Both games have special events that spice up the gameplay for a set amount of time (up to two weeks per event). Both games also have pvp features and likewise, events.

    Where they differ from being similar are the areas of Allies/Fellows and Orders. Rage of Bahamut allows you to be a part of an Order with other fellow players and to work towards achieving goals together. Events are also made so that Orders will get extra rewards, and your rank within your Order and also your Order’s overall rank will determine what other rewards you get. This is currently not available in Blood Brothers. Also, you can add Allies in Blood Brothers and Fellows in Rage of Bahamut. So far, there seems to be no personal incentive for having allies in Blood Brothers. However, in Rage of Bahamut, you will earn Friendship Points for “supporting” your Fellow daily, and more for sending messages. Those Friendship Points help you to redeem more card packs to further your game and are a very big help.

    Both games have music, Rage of Bahamut having just received it, but there is no option yet to turn off the music.

    Both are great games! And I hope that they continue.

    If this review has made you interested or helped you decide to try either game, there are Promo Codes that will earn you special rewards, but must be entered after the tutorial is completed.

    For Rage of Bahamut, use Promo Code ctk30104 in order to receive 100,000 Rubies (in-game currency) and a free Rare card to help you jump-start your campaign of terror!

    For Blood Brothers, use Promo Code 7Q7qrX in order to receive a free Rare familiar in order to give you an edge over your opponents from the start!

    Feel free to send me Ally/Fellow requests in game, I welcome new players and don’t mind sharing my knowledge of what I know of the game :)

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