Blizzcon versus Tencent Carnival: which conference do Chinese gamers prefer?


With Blizzcon and South Korea’s G-STAR both having wrapped up recently, Asia’s gamers have got game conferences on their minds. So Chinese gaming site 17173 put an interesting question to its readers: which event would you rather attend; Blizzard’s Blizzcon or Tencent’s Tencent Carnival (腾讯嘉年华)?

It’s an interesting question because of all the world’s single-developer conferences, these are the two most likely to appeal to Chinese gamers. Blizzard games are huge in China, and Tencent games also dominate China’s most popular PC game lists. In fact, Tencent has several games that are more widely played (at least in internet cafes) than any Blizzard title. But apparently that doesn’t mean much, because Chinese gamers have a strong preference, and it ain’t for Tencent:

Now, to be fair, this is just an online poll, so it’s not exactly scientific. Still, 17173 is one of China’s biggest non-affiliated gaming sites (meaning it isn’t run by a game company, unlike the Tencent Games or Netease Games web portals), and the poll has already attracted more than 4,000 votes. It seems like even though Tencent Games may be more ubiquitous in China these days, Chinese gamers still have a bit more love for Blizzard.

If you’d like to cast your own vote, the poll is still open here at 17173 (Chinese).

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