BlackBerry PlayBook vs Apple iPad Web Browser Speed Test


ipad-playbookLooking for a tablet? You might wish to consider BlackBerry’s PlayBook. It isn’t out yet but there are rumors going around that it will be $100 cheaper than the iPad. If you’re looking more on the specifications, this will interest you.

A BlackBerry web browser engineer recorded a video experiment to prove that BlackBerry PlayBook has a faster web browser than the iPad. On top of that, it was also demonstrated that the PlayBook also supports Flash content, which is something that the iPad certaintly can’t live up to (and probably not in the future). Now, the video:

Are you convinced? Whether the PlayBook’s web browser is faster is debatable:

“I’m excited for this device, but this comparison is not quite legitimate,” says Steve Jobs in the comment section.

“You guys are using the Cortex A9, which wasn’t ready for the market when the iPad came out. So, this video is just comparing an A9 vs an A8, and no one should be surprised that the A9 is better than the A8. As you’re aware, when you release the playbook, Apple will be refreshing the iPad to use the A9 as well,” he added.

Please note that we’re unable to verify if the commenter is indeed Steve Jobs himself. But it’s true that the current iPad runs on Cortex A8. You be the judge.

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