Black Desert releases incredibly detailed character customization teaser trailer


Do you like games that have a very detailed character creation and customization system? Then you’re going to love Black Desert, as this recently-released trailer shows a three-minute preview of the game’s highly-detailed character customization system. Check it out:

The level of modification that a player can do to the character is simply amazing. I mean, you can customize your character’s face using facial muscles. If that’s not detailed enough for you, I don’t know what is. Of course, this can be a turn off for players who aren’t as enthusiastic about creating characters with so much detail, but I assume there are going to be pre-made character templates like in Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9).

Black Desert is scheduled to enter its second closed beta on April 22 and it will run through May 11; open beta is scheduled for the second half of 2014. At the moment, the game is only available in Korea and there hasn’t been news about it being available to other regions yet. We’ll keep you posted for updates so make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Learn more about Black Desert:

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