Steven Millward
Steven Millward
10:00 am on Sep 4, 2012

Social media marketing is something that brands need to do right – especially as it’s often a shortcut to the hearts and wallets of a nation’s youngest and most engaged consumers. And although there’s more to this marketing strategy than sheer numbers, here’s a neat infographic showing the biggest brands in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines on four important platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Made by the folks at Thailand-based social analytics firm ZocialInc, it’s concocted using data from its ZocialRank system. The infographic shows that Thailand has the greatest number of high-ranking brands on social media (86 brands), and that the most liked/followed brand in the region is the Bali-based clothing retailer Surfer Girl, which is apparently living up to its claim of being a fun brand. It’s also got some killer social skills. Global brands in the top 10 include motorbike-maker Yamaha, AirAsia, BlackBerry, Nescafé, and Starbucks.

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[Source: ZocialInc blog]

  • Calvin

    It fails to normalize for population. Of course theres more people from Indonesia, that does not make the brand better. There’s also more cockroaches than chickens in the world but most of us don’t eat fried cockroach

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