Bakrie Telecom Shares Its Vision For Media & Technology


Bakrie Telecom just announced its 2.0 version, with BTEL 2.0 – More than just a talk, Bakrie Telecom aims to make all Bakrie media & tech under one company (Bakrie Telecom, Bakrie Connectivity, Visi Cipta Media – which is a holding company for ANTV, TvOne and VIVAnews).

With 2015 as the target year of true convergence between all, it is interesting to learn what would come out of this.

The world is changing. People, television and even an office can get into your pocket.

BTEL (previously Ratelindo) has a vision that ‘every Indonesian will have a mobile phone’. Today, BTEL can say it is doing a great job. Offering cheap phones just under 199,000 IDR (US$ 22.50) it has turned the table around. Before Esia joined the mobile industry, only 15% of Indonesians have a mobile phone, after Esia, it turned into 60%. “We believe that telecommunication is one of human rights” said Anindya Bakrie, President Director of BTEL.

With a revolutionary idea such as offering cheap services (1 IDR for every character used in SMS), BTEL has also helped shape the mobile industry into a more transparent one. BTEL is providing affordability, connectivity and creativity in the mobile industry in Indonesia.

Since the Esia boom, BTEL has surged into a massive $1.1 billion company and its next phase, is BTEL 2.0, where one of its plans is to move from Fixed Wireless Access(FWA) – 31 millions subscribers, 6.6T IDR(US$750 million) profit to Cellular, the bigger pond, with 185 millions subscribers and 83T IDR (almost $9 billion dollars) profit.

Under Bakrie Connectivity, the team is aiming to give Internet access to every Indonesian, with its product AHA ( Since the launch, AHA has already covered 19 cities with 150,000 subscribers, doubling quarter on quarter.

Bakrie Connectivity has also worked together with Google in providing a Cloud Computing service. It will offer AHA office tool kit powered by Google Cloud. Bakrie Connectivity is also closing in an acquisition of a 4G provider company which will improve its service to provide a better, faster and cheaper connection.

As mentioned earlier, BTEL 2.0 will provide a 100M IDR incubation funds for local technopreneurs in next 5 years in a hope that the funds will help startups and SME tech companies to grow bigger.

5T IDR (US$ 570 million) of funds will be invested into converging all Bakrie Telecom, Media & Technology by 2015. Targeting a double from 2010’s revenue consisting of 30% data and 70% voice, Anindya said that in 2015 it will be 70% data and 30% voice, targeting 80% of Indonesians covered with Broadband Internet connectivity.

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