Baidu Shares Details on China’s Mobile Web Habits



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This article is part of our coverage of the 2011 China Mobile Developers Conference.

What do developers want from Baidu? Money, traffic, data, and APIs, said Wang Jin, Baidu’s Assistant-director of Technology at CMDC.

Wang showed the audience a lot of statistics very fast. So fast, in fact, I that I couldn’t write fast enough to keep up with all of it. But we did learn that Baidu has lots of data about how Chinese use the internet. For example, it was revealed that 91 percent of mobile users still use 2G to get online. Chinese mobile users listen to music on their phones during lunchtime, and shop on them later in the afternoon. They use tablets at night. Interestingly, both old and young Chinese are using weibo on their mobiles pretty much constantly from day to night!

The message that Wang was emphasizing is that that the company has the data to help developers understand the market, so they can better build a product that fills a need. He added that Baidu provides a bunch of APIs for developers to explore and leverage.

With regards to making money, Baidu has an army of advertisers at the ready to help developers monetize their apps and mobile sites which has generated about 1 billion RMB of revenue for third party developers so far.

Baidu presented some awesome statistics, which I hope I can track down later and really look into further. We’ll try to get in touch with Baidu and see what we can do.

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