Autumn Dynasty has new Insurrection expansion, is also on discount

Mary-Anne Lee
Mary-Anne Lee
2:00 pm on Jun 12, 2014

Touch Dimensions’ Autumn Dynasty: Warlords is getting an upgrade today. The new expansion, which we mentioned briefly back in March 2014, is named Insurrection, and will expand on the existing Warlords universe.

(See: Autumn Dynasty Warlords to get an expansion, existing players will get it for free)

Players can expect new scenarios—in particular one where you begin in a lone province surrounded by huge enemy hordes—and global events, as well as more missions and a new relic-collecting feature. Relics are artifacts that grant bonuses to warlords, and add on to existing diplomacy and espionage features. The battle system has also been improved on, with pre-battle deployment and control points.


As earlier promised by Touch Dimensions, Insurrection is free for existing players. In the meantime, new players can take advantage of the week long discount on the game. iOS-exclusive Autumn Dynasty: Insurrection will cost just $4.99 this week.


Meet the team behind the game:

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