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Fish cake, in this situation ;)

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There’s a new meal-kit delivery service in Jakarta. I gave it a try.
I've been a "die-hard" Android user for quite a while now. Early last month I switched over to the Xiaomi Mi4i. I didn't do this on a limb though, I actually used my dad as a test subject and bought him the Redmi Note 4G, he loved it and gave up his iPhone, so I said "If my dad can use a Note 4G, I'll be fine with the Mi4i". Unfortunately the software experience on the Mi4i was unbearably frustrating. Apps would crash, lags were apparent system wide and graphics and icons had weird artefacts that kept appearing. To be fair to them, this was the first time they ever tried porting MIUI6 onto Android Lollipop so it may take them a while to iron out the kinks. Personally however, I wasn't too impressed. I love Xiaomi as a company, I use their powerbank and miband and would still recommend some of their other offerings to my peers, especially thanks to their ecosystem, which as OP mentioned is pretty great. I'm now a happy OnePlus user, and I wouldn't have it any other way :)

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Why I switched over to Xiaomi
most of my gripes with whatsapp were mentioned in the linked Medium article, although I didn't necessarily mention pushbullet, I did mention the idea of not being able to respond to messages when on my computer.

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Here’s how WhatsApp just became my favorite messaging app
Yeah, as I wrote above, one thing that really annoyed me about whatsapp is that my phone would be charging elsewhere and I couldn't respond to messages, even though I could see them coming in on Pushbullet.

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Here’s how WhatsApp just became my favorite messaging app
Man, I miss playing Day Z. This game looks neat tho.

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Dead Sea wants to combine the best of Monster Hunter, Shadow of the Colossus, and Day Z
As an audiophile I honestly can't wait to try out this headphones. It's interesting that they're going for open-backs though.

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Xiaomi introduces headphones and streaming TV box alongside new phone
Hi, we would just like to reiterate that it was a quote from Inkl themselves that mentions them being a complement product to Blendle.

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Spotify for journalism? This app wants to tackle the fragmented news market