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Paul Bischoff is an American multimedia journalist based in Beijing. He co-founded and authored the now-retired Beijing Tech Report, and has also worked at the Xinhua News Agency and a local ABC TV station in the US. He’s generally against writing about himself in the third person, but occasionally makes exceptions. You can follow him on Twitter @pabischoff.
I use Pocket mostly (mentioned briefly). I used to use Feedly but mostly stopped using RSS. I've also got a Kindle.

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The digital nomad’s checklist: all the apps you need to work anywhere
Nice review! Do you get the impression that the screen on the 2 protrudes too much and might crack easily? I've replaced the screen twice already on my one plus one :( and it made the touchscreen unusable both times, turning my $350 phone into a $500 phone

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OnePlus 2 is a flawed but enjoyable sequel (REVIEW)
@Peter Carney: The infograph clearly states the China Unicom contracts I cited are 30 and 36 months-long, and the TCO is after 2 years of ownership. Most US customers would buy into another plan after their previous one expired anyway, or pay even more on a monthly basis. The graphic also clearly states the data amount. There is nothing "misleading" here. @Kevin P: Yes, China Unicom has many other plans. I am using the contract required to get an iPhone at no cost. Talk and text do not figure into my comparison, but the data amounts are all clearly marked. The $60 plan for US smartphones is fairly standard across the US, despite their being cheaper plans for the minority of people who use T-Mobile. Indeed, I could have spent a lot more time making a massive graphic with every plan on every carrier comparing every last detail. But this is not shopping advice for the prospective iPhone buyer. This is a straightforward and correct comparison of the cost of ownership between the two countries using the most common subscription plans.

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Why iPhones are actually cheaper in China than the US (INFOGRAPHIC)
@neokhark: You are correct that the contracts for iPhones in China are longer (30-36 months), but I opted to compare the total cost of ownership based on an equal 2-year period across the board. -Paul

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Why iPhones are actually cheaper in China than the US (INFOGRAPHIC)