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Guest author Julia Q. Zhu is a leading expert on international e-commerce in China and the Asia Pacific region. She formerly held multiple management positions for Alibaba Group, China’s largest e-commerce company. Prior to Alibaba, Julia worked for iResearch in Beijing, China’s equivalent to ComScore. Follow Julia on Twitter @juliaqzhu.
D Siu - Thank you for your comment and I appreciate your eye for detail. While my analysis is sound, I do regret that given the timing around the new year there were the spelling errors that you identified. In this situation it was more important to share the infograph in a timely manner, understanding that Penn Olson's audience of Asia internet insiders like yourself would be able to make sense of any minor ambiguities. This is not typical of my work, and I encourage you to read my upcoming pieces in 2012 to see for yourself.

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Online Shopping in China in 2011 [INFOGRAPHIC]