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Amelia Chen enjoys indulging in her penchant for all things Internet and businesses with positive social impact. Chief Happiness Officer @ LoveByte. In her free time, she designs paper goods at her own creative outlet, wookypooky*.
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Geeks + iTwin = :D

11:00 am on Nov 23, 2011 by Amelia Chen

I’m excited to announce that we have iTwin coming on board as a sponsor for Startup Asia Singapore. We had announced that the first 50 registrants would receive...


9:30 pm on Oct 3, 2010 by Amelia Chen

一个广为人知且受人尊敬的品牌对任何公司来说都必然是无价资产。品牌至关重要,因为它扮演着使自己区别于竞争对手的战略角色。 一个公司的品牌形象来自旨在创造关于品牌有利、独特联想的营销传播努力。最佳的营销者都知道,吸引消费者最有说服力的方式是通过内心,而不是脑子。即使中国生产出更好的组装手机,我们在任何时候都仍旧会宁愿选择苹...

Foursquare For Businesses

10:35 pm on Sep 19, 2010 by Amelia Chen

What is Foursquare? Adding on to 5 Ways To Leverage Foursquare For Business, we find out more ways and prove how mobile marketing is definitely picking up. Just...