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Asia is ripe for growth, especially in the way Rocket operates and the business models they are focusing on. Their network across these countries as well will really help Global Founders get in touch with the best/most promising of startups across the region to make investments in as well.

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Lessons and impact: the Rocket Internet empire in Asia
Very good service and one im looking to use extensively as it expands to Karachi.

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Kamata Pakistan, a blue-collar employment portal, goes live and announces seed funding
Great article, love hearing more and more about Pakistani startups that are really starting to come into their own.

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StartUp Cup rocks Pakistan
BM @ Oth-Oye - We try and make as much data available as freely as possible, we like many other just want to see Pakistan succeed in the technology sector. Thank you Azra and Changez for your support! Moin, the best thing about investing in the internet and ecommerce sphere is that the startup costs are incredibly low. For as little as $5 a month you can have a fully running ecommerce website (you will need products however and a marketing strategy) Shahrukh please do elaborate on your comments further. We can all only grow by learning from each other.

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Pakistan, the Next Frontier for Entrepreneurs and Investors