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How are Asia’s 1.2 billion web users spread out across the continent? (SLIDESHOW)

Josh Horwitz
Josh Horwitz
2:00 pm on Jan 16, 2014


The talented team at We Are Social, the Singapore-based social media and strategy consulting firm, has come out with yet another massive report, this time zooming in on all things internet, mobile, and social in Asia Pacific.

Whereas their previous report set out to capture internet usage trends around the globe, it’s latest slideshow offers thorough analysis of internet penetration, mobile social media usage, and mobile penetration in all territories across APAC.

Some highlights include:

  • Since October 2012, Asia Pacific has seen 150 million new internet users.
  • New Zealand, South Korea, and Australia boast the highest internet penetration rates, with over 80 percent of each country’s populace connected. Timor Leste, Myanmar, and North Korea (Yep! They have stats for the DPRK too!) contain the lowest internet penetration rates at 1 percent, 1 percent, and 0 percent respectively.
  • Philippine residents spend the most time online compared to citizens of other countries, averaging at 6.2 hours every day on a laptop or desktop, and 2.8 hours every day on a mobile device. South Korean residents, despite the country’s strong internet penetration, spend comparatively less amount of time online, averaging at 3.5 hours every day on a laptop or desktop, and 1.8 hours every day on a mobile device.
  • Taiwan represents the Asian territory with the deepest social media penetration rate at 69 percent. It’s followed by Brunei, Hong Kong, and Singapore at 67 percent, 61 percent, and 59 percent. The average rate of social media penetration in Asia is 35 percent.
  • Residents of the Philippines and Thailand spend the most time on social media every day, averaging at 4 hours and 3.7 hours respectively.

Below we’ve inserted a selection of country overviews to give readers an idea of internet usage on a nation-by-nation basis. We Are Social notes that in some cases, “social penetration” appears larger than “internet penetration” because social data tends to be more up to date and easier to collect (and also easier to skew upwards if individual users have multiple accounts).









North Korea






South Korea









We’ve embedded the complete slideshow below for your viewing pleasure!

(Editing by Steven Millward)

(Image via Flickr user Cea)

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