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21 startups in Asia that caught our eye

Emily Goh
Emily Goh
7:30 pm on Sep 29, 2013

STW - asian tech startups list

Here’s our newest round-up of the featured startups on our site this week. As usual, for startup tips and story suggestions, feel free to email us or tell us about your startup here. Any juicy news tips go here. Enjoy this week’s list!

1. Joguru | India

Launched in beta just this month, Joguru helps users plan a personalized itinerary planner in just five minutes, and is also built as a social network for travelers where they can share holiday pictures or places they want to visit in the future.

2.Picky | Singapore

Incorporated in 2012, Picky is another food app that aims to make personalized recommendations based on a user’s individual taste and preferences. The more you use it, the better the recommendations get. In addition to all those Instagram photos, the iOS app also features a “snap and share” function with eight different filters. The app is also backed by “six-figure funding from private investors”.

3. Convo | Pakistan

Pakistan’s Convo is an online business collaboration tool that’s already used by over 6,000 companies around the world. The startup has revealed a recent series A round of funding worth $5 million, with the money coming from US-based Morgenthaler Ventures.

4. Strikingly | California and Singapore

Strikingly is an online website-builder service that is focused specifically on mobile-friendly, single-page sites. It targets students, small businesses, and freelancers. The California-based startup, which just expanded to Singapore last week, has raised $1.5 million from Y Combinator, China’s Innovation Works, and more.

5. W-Locate | Singapore

Singapore startup W-Locate, which makes location-based service (LBS) tools for businesses, has revealed this week that it has wrapped up a series A funding round.

6. Noonswoon | Thailand

Thailand’s dating app Noonswoon, the winner of a recent AIS startup contest, has raised a round from various investors, chief among them Golden Gate Ventures. This marks the Singapore-based VC’s first investment in a Thai company.

7. JKTGO | Indonesia

JKTGO is a brand-new online directory that aims to be the best, simplest, and fastest city directory for Jakarta citizens. JKTGO will also provide additional information about their listed locations such as the availability of smoking rooms, wi-fi, and delivery services, helping visitors to choose the places that suit their needs.

8. AVA | Philippines

Backed by Kickstart Ventures and Hatchd Digital, fashion e-commerce site AVA has slowly shifted from being a flash sales site into a broader e-store for new design brands, with its own private clothing label as well.

9. Indotrading | Indonesia

Indonesia’s IndoTrading is an enterprise marketplace website that was launched over a year ago and which allows users to look for a broad range of Indonesian small businesses.

10. Computerlogy | Thailand

Computerlogy is a software development company that has created SocialEnable which is an SMMS – a social media management platform. The startup now has funds from the venture capital arm of Thai telco AIS. The investment is considered a series A round for the company.

11. Tripthirsty | India

Tripthirsty is a new travel tours aggregator that targets travelers to India who like going off the beaten path. So far, the site only has tours that start from or near Bangalore, but more cities will be added in due course.

12. ApexPeak | Singapore

Founded by South Africans John Fearon and Gakim Solomons, ApexPeak offers what’s called invoice discounting. In a nutshell, it involves a company selling its invoices to a third-party, in this case ApexPeak, in exchange for cash.

13. Jalan Tikus | Indonesia

Launched in June 2012, Jalan Tikus is an Android and PC app store for Indonesians. It offers free and legal downloadable content that is properly licensed as freeware, open source, or shareware.

14. TradeHero | Singapore

TradeHero is a mobile app that allows users to trade virtual money based on real-world stock market data. Market veterans on the platform can get paid by amateur traders. The idea is that people will pay for good information, especially from those who have been delivering outstanding results.

The startup this week raised a round of funding from Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers China fund (KPCB China) and IPV Capital.

15. WhatsonSale | Philippines

With over 1,000 merchants spread across various categories, WhatsonSale makes it easier for consumers to find promos and discounts in the country. Apart from the Philippines, the app also plans to expand to other Asian countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, and China.

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