8 startups in Asia that caught our eye

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1. Biofourmis | Singapore (Startup Profile)

Health analytics platform Biofourmis uses AI-driven software to analyze medical data gathered from patients. Data is collected from a range of sources, including wearable health and fitness trackers, hospital databases, and individual lab reports. It claims to have analyzed data from over 100,000 patients.

2. EcoWorth Tech | Singapore (Startup Profile)

EcoWorth Tec has developed a technology for the sustainable treatment of wastewater. Its core product is a material called carbon fibre aerogel (CFA). Highly absorbent, non-toxic, and recyclable, CFA can be used to absorb organic waste materials from wastewater – in other words, contaminated water that typically results as a byproduct of certain industrial processes.

3. Venteny | Philippines (Startup Profile)

Established in 2015, Venteny is a combined human resources and fintech platform. The platform provides an outsourced-employee benefits scheme for local companies, allowing workers to get exclusive perks such as discounts at restaurants, gyms, and hotels that Venteny has partnered with.

4. Oxfordcaps | Singapore (Startup Profile)

Launched this year, Oxfordcaps wants to shake up the student accommodation market by applying the “co-living” model. It works with landlords and developers to redesign and furnish properties to make them suitable for student living. The startup manages the property, providing services such as cleaning and maintenance. It also handles the rentals process all the way from listing available rooms on its site.

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