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NOTW - Asia tech news this week

This week, Bitcoin takes a step forward in Asia, China lifts its game console ban, Xiaomi gains a new convert, and Tech in Asia launches Techlist, a platform for connecting startups and investors. It’s shaping up to be an exciting 2014!

Terence’s pick: Singapore government to tax some bitcoin transactions

Reactions towards Singapore’s taxation policy on bitcoins have generally been met with praise. Perhaps other countries would look to Singapore as a model for legislating the digital currency.

Saiyai’s pick: Happy New Year friends! Show some love for our newest baby, Techlist.Asia

Yes! Our baby Techlist – where investors meet startups – has finally launched! Please give it a warm welcome! Bookmark the site if you’re either looking to fund a startup or a founder looking to be funded!

Steven’s and Paul’s pick: Oh happy day! China officially lifts game console ban

Steven: After 13 years of refusing to permit any games consoles to go on sale, Chinese authorities have relented. However, we reckon that Sony and Microsoft have a long path ahead – of adding local content and removing other stuff – before their consoles can hit shelves in China. So don’t expect PS4 and XBox sales to begin immediately in China.

Paul: This is big news, but only on paper so far. Even if consoles are available in China, the market might be too accustomed to cheap and/or free gaming on mobile and PC for Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo to succeed in China.

Willis’ pick: Xiaomi gets another new convert as Steve Wozniak drops into Beijing HQ

Xiaomi received a huge attaboy from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak this week. It is a huge compliment for Xiaomi that was not too long ago accused by The New York Times that its success is simply achieved by aping Apple in China.

Phoebe’s pick: New Bitcoin exchange in the Philippines could set the stage for wider adoption of the currency

Bitcoin is continuously gaining ground in Asia, and now Filipinos have a platform to go to. Following this, we’re looking to see what the government’s take will be on the digital currency.

Josh’s pick: In China you can now hail a taxi and pay the driver on WeChat

WeChat users on-the-go now have a bundled solution that will help them get a ride on demand. Keep your eyes on these taxi apps as the year continues, and also on Uber’s development in China.

Andre’s pick: Ayo Vote encourages Indonesia’s youngsters to cast vote

Educating the youth to be involved in voting is a change in the right direction to brighten Indonesia’s future. Sites like Rock The Vote in America has gained attention in connecting youth with politics, and it’s time for Indonesia to do the same.

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