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Here’s our weekend round-up of featured startups on our site from across the region. Remember, for startup tips and story suggestions, feel free to email us. Alternatively, you can submit tips here and/or tell us about your startup here. Enjoy this week’s list!

1. City Delivery | Philippines

Launched in 2010, City Delivery started out by providing an online food delivery service from local restaurants. It has sinced ventured out into offering delivery of non-food items as well, partnering with pharmacies, flower shops, and supermarkets to widen its scope.

2. TipsDokter | Indonesia

Since May 2012, TipsDokter tries to help people get answers on health-related questions and offers free online health consultations from actual doctors. The startup also claims to have the biggest database in the medical and health industries in Indonesia.

3. WiTurn | Vietnam

WiTurn is a multi-platform mobile app Chinese chess game. Created by Vietnamese developers, it’s aiming to make Chinese chess more accessible to people.

4. Whatfix | India

Created by Bangalore-based startup QuickoLabs, Whatfix is a tool that lets anyone create and share how-to guides on any site. It could be useful for fellow startups or any business that needs to guide workers or customers through a series of steps on a website. Check out the demo video inside.

5. Classbook | Vietnam

Classbook is a Vietnamese customized education tablet that first shipped this February. The startup deals directly with publishers to get textbooks, safely preserving their copyrights, onto digital and interactive versions, allowing parents to forego the need to buy certain physical textbooks.

6. VistMM | Myanmar

Launched in April this year, VistMM is the only site that currently enables online booking and issues e-tickets in Myanmar. It seems positioned perfectly to take advantage of the new onslaught of tourists who want to see this nation while it’s still opening up.

7. MyRealTrip | South Korea

MyRealTrip is yet another travel startup focused on bringing unique tours to travelers. It serves just South Korea for now. It basically crowdsources for the best amateur and professional tour guides around.

8. Avalable | Thailand

Avalable is a social dating app for iOS and Android that helps Thai singles locate compatible matches within their own city, using GPS on their smartphones. It also uses personality equations, optionally taps into friends of friends on Facebook, and can use Facebook interests as an algorithm to match people.

9. Bolooka | Philippines

Bolooka is like the Etsy of the Philippines – an e-commerce platform and a marketplace tailor-made for Filipino-crafted products.

10. Emotiv Insight | America & Vietnam

Vietnamese-backed Emotiv Insight is a fancy new wearable device that allows you to manipulate computer interfaces with your thoughts. With still more than 30 days to go, Emotiv has already crowdfunded over $645,000 for its new project on Kickstarter. You’ve got to see it in action, so check out the demo video in the article.

11. Thrill | India

Thrill is another dating Android mobile app from India, where women are free to join at any time, but guys have to apply to join, and the female user-base gets to vote them up – or down. Only men who make the grade get to join the free service. An iOS version is currently in the making.

12. Pocketbook |Australia

Pocketbook is Australia’s version of personal finance app Mint, and has recently launched their iPhone app. The app is currently featured by the Australian Apple App Store and is already ranked second in the finance apps category, beating more established players, including major banks.

Startups in events/incubators

13. – 17. Check out the winner of this Thai telco’s newest startup contest | Thailand


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(Updated: The post initially had the wrong number in the title. It’s now corrected to 17).

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