Are they planning on making a Dungeon & Fighter movie in China?


Dungeon & Fighter, the 2005 action game from South Korea’s Neople, is incredibly popular in China. So popular, in fact, that it’s number two in the country’s current top ten games list, and it has been holding that spot for months. But could the 2D beat-em-up be turned into a viable animated film?

It seems possible that Tencent, which operates Dungeon & Fighter in China, might just be planning to give that a go after a survey appeared on the game’s official site that asks gamers how they’d feel about a Dungeon & Fighter movie.

And the thing is, this survey is pretty in-depth. In addition to the usual demographics questions, it asks gamers a lot about their own movie viewing habits, including how often they watch movies, where they watch movies, what genres they prefer, how they choose the titles they watch, what films and actors they like, etc. It then asks a number of questions about how respondents would feel about a Dungeon & Fighter animated movie, and even which stars gamers might like to see as voice actors in such a film.

Now, obviously, the survey isn’t evidence that a Dungeon & Fighter movie is right around the corner. But it’s in-depth enough that it suggests Tencent is seriously considering the possibility, and not just trying to give fans a fun survey to fill out (it’s too long and the demographic stuff is too boring for that).

That said, even if Tencent does make a Dungeon & Fighter film, it may never actually hit theaters. Several of the survey questions asked gamers about their habits and preferences re: viewing movies online rather than in theaters, which suggests Tencent could be considering making a film and distributing it through its own online video platform.

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