Willis Wee
Willis Wee
12:38 am on Sep 22, 2012


We know that Apple’s iOS 6 is integrated with Sina Weibo in China and/or for users with Chinese settings. But we came to realize that Sina Weibo isn’t just integrated for users who opt for Chinese language. But it is also integrated for international users, or iOS 6 users who opt for the English language setting.

This comes as a big surprise because we all know that Sina Weibo, though it has an English app, isn’t quite popular among English speakers, who likely prefer Twitter. So it is quite interesting for Apple to to have decided to include Weibo even in English iOS 6 installs.

While buying pizza earlier on, I met a Sina engineer who managed this project with Apple and told us that in the initial phase, Sina Weibo was planned to be integrated across all iOS 6 users. Yes, all!

But towards the launch, Sina Weibo was going to only be shown to users who set Chinese language in their settings, meaning English users wouldn’t be able to see Sina Weibo share button. But ultimately, as we know now with Apple’s iOS 6 out in the wild, English users still have the Sina Weibo share button. Our engineer friend at Sina isn’t quite sure why either.

I’m not sure if this is a mistake or a deal between Sina and Apple. But such a roll out does serve Sina pretty well. It’s a pity that Sina Weibo doesn’t yet have an English website for all iOS 6 English users to test out its awesomeness, though.

On a related note, in Apple’s Mac OS 10.8 update earlier this year, Sina Weibo, together with Tencent QQ, Baidu, and Youku were all part of the package for Chinese users.


  • http://Weibo Laurie

    I am trying to set up an account on weibo. It will not allow me to choose a user name saying that my user name contains unacceptable characters or the user name has been taken. When this happen a popup will suggest I choose from their list, still a no-go. I have installed the app. I tried going onto the website and do this through their web page. And going to settings and setting up the account through the settings. I have an apple iPad, 2nd generation but not the retina one.

  • http://techinasia.com Willis Wee

    Hi Laurie

    Register at weibo.com – it requires some basic chinese to plow through the registration process. otherwise, you can download the english version of the app and register there, should be fairly simple.

  • Robert

    I have English as my main language on my iPod Touch but also Chinese keyboards selected so I get the Weibo option but I don’t have Photo Stream as an option. I do have it turned on in options though. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Robert

    Followup: I’m a dummy. I hadn’t turned on “Shared Photo Streams”. So psyched it’s working now.

  • http://none Ricardo

    my iPhone is in spanish and I got Sina Weibo too

  • SL

    I have no plans to use Sina Weibo, and it has bumped an option to add other features, like a google maps app, to my ipad. How can I get rid of it?

  • Yeung

    Apple should make an option toggle on/off. I use Chinese keyboard. But I hate seeing Weibo in my iPhone. And I don’t use Facebook or twitter either, first world problem.

  • Samhiuy

    Hello, I’m having trouble signing in to Weibo.
    Here is a video to show you what is exactly wrong.


    For some reason, it keeps saying my username or password is wrong? How did you manage to sign in? I can’t even create a new account through the iPhone settings. However, I see that you manage to sign in perfectly fine as Williswee. Please help?

  • jesus

    please remove weibo from iPhone . I have no plan for using it. I hate it! thanks

  • Rex Remes

    Sure would be nice to be able to remove these “integrated” apps (Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo, Vimeo, Twitter, etc).

    I don’t use any of them. They take up space on my Settings screen and all/many of them show up on my Share menu/options. It is unnecessary clutter for me.

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