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iPhone Coming to China Mobile

Rick Martin
Rick Martin
11:47 am on May 20, 2011


Our own Willis Wee at Beijing Apple Store

China Mobile, the largest Chinese mobile operator, is set to finally get the iPhone according to All Things Digital citing 163.com. The company is said to have worked out a deal with Apple on a 4G TD-LTE version on its popular iPhone. Unfortunately there will not be a 3G TD-SCDMA iPhone that would run on the current network.

Currently China Unicom is the only network to officially offer the phone. But in reality there are already about 4 or 5 million China Mobile users who already have the iPhone, this according to a Marbridge report just yesterday.

China Mobile has shown some pretty staggering growth over the past ten years according to its recent operational statistics (see below). The eventually addition of the iPhone will surely be welcome news to its many customers.

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