Angry Birds Still Flying High in China with Online Tmall Store



Angry Birds Earmuffs for 98 RMB or about $15

You can’t seem to get away from those Angry Birds here in China. I’ve been to a Starbucks where the moment I was served, the xylophonic trills of Angry Birds played by a nearby gamer was heard. Cakes around town bear the shapes and figures of the Red Bird (not sure if that was a licensed cake or not, though!).

So it’s little surprising that Angry Birds is big in China. Rovio has felt the fever in China and has responded with a Mid-Autumn Festival edition of Angry Birds Seasons and a more recent update this Spring Festival (with a really well-done Magic Dragon). The users have poured in — out of the 600 million downloads worldwide, China accounts for a full 100 million.

The Tianjin Web reported that Rovio, the maker of these Angry Birds, has opened a shop on Tmall. The Angry Birds on Tmall come in the forms of mobile phone cases, cushions, cakes, and more, with prices as low as RMB 9.80. The “lovers’ edition” 88 yuan cakes have proven to be popular, as has been the case with the iPhone 4 cases. My favorite is the iPhone 4 case with all the birds — although I have yet to spot the newest appearance, the Orange Bird.

Young people in China — especially those with a lover — are looking forward to Valentine’s Day. Rovio is ready — through to February 14, 2012, Rovio’s special Valentine’s Day offer is available on its Tmall shop (see below). You get free shipping and a free activation code for offers over RMB 99, as well as gifts, great packaging, and discounts. If your order is 100 RMB or greater, you get an extra 20 RMB credit; that’s an extra 100 RMB credit if your order is over 200 RMB.

This store went online about a week ago, and we’ve sent an inquiry to Rovio today to see how things are going so far. We’ll keep you posted if we hear any update. But for those of you looking for Valentine’s Day gifts next week, this is a good place to start!


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