Rovio Unleashes Year of the Dragon Edition of Angry Birds



A couple of weeks back we told you that Rovio was hinting at a new China-themed update. And today we have it, as Angry Birds Seasons has a Year-of-the-Dragon special edition [1].

There are 15 new levels for fans to check out, with lots of fun in-game China goodies like exploding fireworks that you can trigger to help you on your quest to turn pigs into bacon. You can also now enlist the assistance of a ‘Mighty Dragon’ too (see screenshot above).

Rovio’s teaser from a couple of days back is pretty fun too, with stylized artwork that shows the evil pigs doing a warped puppet show. You can check that out below. Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka says that fans in Japan can expect a localized Angry Birds edition sometime soon as well.



  1. According to Rovio, the update is available for iOS, with Android Symbian, Mac and PC coming soon. But my colleage Steven tells me that Android users in China can get the update like so. ↩

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