Andy Zain, director of The Founder Institute Jakarta, joins mig33 as executive director


Mig33, a social entertainment platform company headquartered in Singapore, has welcomed a new executive director, serial entrepreneur Andy Zain. He joined mig33 in August.

Andy is also currently the director of The Founder Institute Jakarta. Prior to his current appointments, he co-founded Polaris Network, the first wireless hotspot service in Indonesia; Elasitas, a platform provider and mobile VAS company; and PT Numedia, a go-to-market solution for mobile and Internet companies.

Headed by Steven Goh, mig33 had 65 million users as of June 2012. 33 million of those users arise from Indonesia. Its other significant markets are Bangladesh, Nepal, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia. In total, it has users in about 200 countries.

While popular in emerging economies where feature phones are prevalent, mig33 has been busy sinking their teeth into the smartphone markets.

The company developed an Android client in 2010.It launched a Blackberry app in 2012. There are about 12 million Blackberry users in Indonesia.

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