Alibaba, Rakuten Among Most Visited Retail Sites, With Room To Grow


According to a report today on retail and auction sites from research firm comScore, Amazon is reaching over 20 percent of the internet’s entire population, with 282 million visits in June. That’s more than any other site, including second ranked eBay which reaches 16 percent. How do Asian companies fare in the rankings? I’m glad you asked.

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba comes in at number three reaching 11.3 percent, although as you can see in the chart below, a whopping 86 percent of that comes from the Asia Pacific region.

Similarly Japan’s online retail service Rakuten ranks fifth just behind Apple, reaching about four percent, although 73 percent of that is from the Asia Pacific region.

How do other major retail sites breakdown by region? Here are a few selected examples. As you can see, Amazon and Apple are managing to bring in a more ‘globally distributed’ audience from across all regions.

These numbers illustrate a couple of things. Alibaba and Rakuten still have much room to grow in overseas markets. This is particularly true for Alibaba, which could have much better reach in North America and Europe.

As for Rakuten, while it has made moves to improve reach in Europe with the acquisitions of PriceMinister and Tradoria, it still has room to expand in North America.

As online retailing continues its globalization trend, the biggest Western companies will continue to look for more Asia-based audiences too, just as Asian companies will want to look West for buyers they have yet to reach.

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[Source: comScore]

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