Alibaba and maker of failed Nintendo NES clone team up to create China’s next game console


xiao bawang g20 console 2

Ecommerce titan Alibaba has teamed up with Chinese home electronics maker Xiao Bawang to make a game console, according to

The G20 will run on Aliyun OS, Alibaba’s Linux-based smartphone OS. Along with the console, several peripherals like yoga blankets, an exercise bike, and more will be available. A few of the games demoed today involved ping bong, beach volleyball, snowball fights, and something that looks a lot like Fruit Ninja. The controllers bear a strong resemblance to Wiimotes sans nunchucks.

xiao bawang controllers g20

The console also doubles as a set-top box for streaming television and movies, along with some shopping functions. The expected starting price will be RMB 598 (US$96) and it will be exclusively sold on Alibaba’s Tmall starting April 10.

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Over 20 years ago, Xiao Bawang made a console to serve as an alternative to the Nintendo NES. That turned out to just be wishful thinking, as the device never caught on. In the 20-plus years since then, the company has made a wide range of home electronics – everything from hair dryers to DVD players. This could be Xiao Bawang’s chance at redemption in console gaming … but probably not.

China recently lifted its 13-year-old ban on game consoles, and several potential machines have come out from the woodwork since, like the Huawei Tron and the ZTE Fun Box.

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