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Huge development in China’s game market this week, Steve Wozniak drops by the Xiaomi office, and the Great Firewall loosens for once. Plus, an angel investor shares what she’s learnt in her first year in Greater China.

1. The first Chinese game console: Huawei’s Tron

Huawei says the device will sell for $120 or less and come with 16 or 32 GB of storage.

2. Xiaomi gets another new convert as Steve Wozniak drops into Beijing HQ

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has long since discovered the magic key that helped him escape from Apple’s walled garden. Now he’s free to go anywhere, say anything, and use any device he feels like.

3. China’s Great Firewall blocks, then unblocks website of UK newspaper Guardian

After being blocked, the Guardian reported today its website is now accessible from within China again. No explanation was given as to what prompted the block in the first place.

4. What I learned in my first year as an angel investor in Greater China

If I had to break it down, Beijing incorporates all the newest tech trends, Shanghai is mostly consumer-facing content and media with some advertising mixed in, Hangzhou (of Alibaba fame) is China’s e-commerce headquarters, Shenzhen is a mix of e-commerce and gaming and some hardware-software startups, and rest of China is either some variation of gaming or outsourcing, or gaming outsourcing, as the folks at the largest “incubator” in China will agree.

5. In a rare move, China unblocks Chinese versions of Reuters and WSJ sites

While the English versions never got whacked by the Great Firewall, the Chinese editions of both sites were blocked in the country on November 15.

6. Sina Weibo takes the fight to WeChat, wants to be your mobile wallet

Sina Weibo, China’s top Twitter-like social network, has updated its iPhone and Android apps with something it’s calling Weibo Payment.

7. In China you can now hail a taxi and pay the driver on WeChat

Didi’s service through WeChat is only available in Beijing for the moment, but the report states that a wider rollout should be expected in no time.

8. Oh happy day! China officially lifts game console ban

The official memo says the regulations are “provisional,” so we won’t be sure consoles are coming to China until the moment we see them on store shelves.

9. Former Google China boss, after quitting last year, re-emerges at rival Qihoo

Google China boss John Liu quit in July last year after nearly six torrid years in the role.

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