8 things that piss off carry players in Dota 2


Many people love playing carry mainly because the role allows you to look like a bad-ass, especially when you’re so farmed that you’re basically unkillable and laying waste to the enemy team. However, if there’s anything I’ve learned from Dota 2, it’s that nothing is ever easy. Here’s what can drive carry players nuts:

1. People who steal last hits for no good reason

This is first on the list because this is the most common. The carry is called position “one” because in most cases, this is the role that is prioritized to get the farm and experience so he can get fat and carry the team later. Carries often get gold from farming creeps during the laning stage. This means they have to get as many last hits as possible. It’s only okay to take last hits if either the carry can’t last hit or to prevent an enemy deny. Otherwise, though, give the last hits to the carry!


2. Being expected to have accurate map awareness without wards

Depending on the carry’s experience and sharpness, he may or may not be able to predict where the enemy heroes are in the map after they’ve disappeared into the fog. However, what is certain regardless of experience and sharpness is that you don’t see enemy heroes in the fog. This is what wards are for. Sure, you call missing and sure everyone has to look at the map from time-to-time, but don’t expect carries to always have next-level prediction to be aware of every single gank that is coming for them in a poorly warded map.

TL;DR: We need wards.

3. People who refuse to pool or share items

As mentioned earlier, the carry is the top priority when it comes to gold and experience. If laning with a carry, the support should make sure that the carry is provided with the best farming conditions in the lane. So the common practice is that if you have a spare tango, salve or clarity and the carry needs it, give it to him. What if you need it later? No, the carry needs it now.


4. Supports who don’t care

I often say that before a person can support a carry, he must first understand what it’s like to be a carry. Only then will you understand what your carry needs at the moment. Unfortunately, some people are tossed into playing support for multiple reasons ranging from ignorance to “I just clicked random hero”. These are the people who won’t zone or harass the enemy out of the lane, will block you when you’re trying to escape on low health, won’t stack creep camps for you and don’t know whether to pull or not. Game is hard.

(See: 7 signs you should be playing support)

5. Being expected to carry and win by teammates who feed. Hard.

If the carry tried his best to hold his lane, get his farm, and not die to the best of your abilities while you or someone else fed hard, do not be surprised if the match turns in the enemy’s favor. Yes, it’s the carry’s job to, well, carry, but sometimes, no amount of farm can lift and a team that fed the enemy so hard.


6. People who complain that the carry gets all the kills

Are you here to win or are you here to kill? Sometimes you can have both, other times you can’t. In the latter situation, why do I get the kills? Because I’m the carry and because I can.

7. Forcing a farm-dependent hero to team fight instead of farm

There are certain carry heroes who can be of help to teamfights early on with minimal farm such as Razor, Viper, and Pugna. However, there are also heroes that are useless without items and should be allowed to farm until they get the necessary items to give them team fight presence. Instead of being insignificant or, worse, feeding in a team fight, let the carry use this time to farm instead.

So if your carry is an Anti-Mage, chances are he needs to focus on getting the Battlefury first so he can flash farm for more items later. Also, if the Lone Druid has a Midas, it’s mainly farm, not slap people senseless with it during teamfights. Please be understanding enough and stop demanding too many ganks from these kinds of carries. Let the farming carries farm.


8. Another carry. And another. And another.

Worse than people stealing last hits is another hero stealing your role. The blame should usually fall on whoever picked the second carry. And the third carry. And the fourth. God forbid there’s a fifth. In any case, good luck!

At the end of the day, Dota 2 is a team game and although the carry is the priority most of the time, it doesn’t make him any more important than the rest of the team. And just in case you lose horribly because of one reason or another, relax. It’s just a game. As they say, keep calm and carry on.

Are you a carry player? What are the things that piss you off that aren’t included in the list? Share with us in the comments section below!

Not a carry? How about support then?

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