8 Startups in Asia That Caught Our Eye


We hope you guys have been having a great week so far and are all hyped up for the upcoming festive season! Here we have for you a compilation of all the startups in Asia we have covered this week. For tips and stories suggestions, feel free to email us. Alternatively, you can submit tips here and/or your startup here. Enjoy this week’s list!

1. Aksara Studio | Indonesia

Starting with a Christmas theme, Indonesian game developer Aksara Studio recently launched a new app called Christmas Hunt for Nokia which looks like good fun for kids.

2. Waigo | China

Waigo is an interesting and useful app from China that helps you to translate Chinese menus via your iPhone camera.

3. Giftee | Japan

Japanese startup Giftee is a service that allows users to send real gifts to their friends via Twitter or Facebook. In a recent fun Christmas campaign, the startup gave away 50,000 pieces of chicken, which can also be gifted to friends.

4. Telunjuk | Indonesia

Indonesian price comparison site Telunjuk announced this week that it has added three home electronic product categories to its product search engine.

5. Voyagin | Japan

Tokyo-based startup Entertainment Kick launched a new web service called Voyagin, which allows you to discover authentic travel experiences, particularly in Southeast Asian countries.

6. Noi.vn | Vietnam

Noi.vn, founded in 2009, is the largest social dating network in Vietnam right now, and has about 720,000 registered members. The startup has previously received funding from YAN Group and IDG Ventures.

7. Sogamo | Singapore

Sogamo is a Singapore-based gaming monetization platform that offers real-time analytics to enable social game developers to better understand their users and how to effectively earn money from them.

8. Hompimplay | Indonesia

Hompimplay is a startup from Indonesia which develops educational mobile apps for children. To get in the Christmas mood, the startup has developed Jolly Jingle, an educational and interactive sing-along app for iOS to teach children timeless Christmas carols at their own pace.

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