7 things that piss off support players in Dota 2


If you play support in Dota 2, you’ve probably had your own share of flame and blame about how horribly you play your role. There are a lot of ways that a support player can piss off the rest of the team, but has anyone wondered what pisses off a support player?

1. People who don’t look at the warded map

Wards are very important because they light up the map. With proper placement, you can see the enemy’s movements, which can help set up your own ganks or avoid enemy ganks. I’m sure you’ve heard players complaining about how their supports don’t ward. However, I would also like to point out that that warding will only work if you look at the mini map. So if I warded near the rune area near the river, I expect you to see an enemy walking from the river, into the jungle, and most probably towards your lane to kill you. Warding costs gold. Looking at the map costs you nothing, so in case you aren’t looking then why are you not looking!?

2. People who run out of healing range

One of the duties of the support is to keep the core heroes alive and safe. For example, if you’re injured while laning with an Enchantress or a Witch Doctor and they cast Nature’s Attendance or VooDoo Restoration, that means they’re healing you. Unless you have a good reason, you should NOT leave the healing radius. You can only imagine how frustrating it is when you’re trying to heal a hero and he runs away from you.


3. People who go back and DIE after being saved

Even more frustrating than the previous guy, this one actually dies. In cases when someone has to inevitably die, between the carry and the support, it’s better that the latter goes to his death. So if your support jumps in there and tries to save your behind, don’t let his death be in vain. Go escape and let your support die so you can live, farm, and lay waste to the enemy team later. It’s the same concept of losing the battle to win the war. It’s not stupid and even Na’Vi does it.

4. People who can’t distinguish initiation from harassment

Sometimes, supports stay with the carry during the laning phase so they’re sure the carry is protected and gets farm. Oftentimes, they have to attack the enemy heroes to push them back. This is called harassment, not initiation. The difference between the two is that the previous is meant to zone out and create some space, while the latter is aiming for a kill. If the support is trying to create space for you, the best thing you can do is use that space to farm. It doesn’t always mean for you to jump at the enemy and lose HP, gold, and exp in the process or worse, die.


5. People who don’t understand creep pulling (and has guts to flame)

Supports usually get their farm from assists or jungling. Creep pulling not only helps the support to get farm, but it also keeps the lane from being pushed so far and denies gold and experience from the enemy. Since the enemy creeps are much closer to your own tower, it makes it safer for the carry to farm.

Now I speak from experience when I say that some carriers do not know what pulling is and I get flamed because they ‘don’t have creeps in their lane’ (Exact words: “WTF are you doing taking my creeps, Vengeful!?”). And instead of safely farming behind our tower, they then proceed to leave the lane, enter the jungle, kill the neutral creeps being attacked by our creeps. This, in turn, denies me the mediocre gold and experience I can get outside lane while letting the enemy creeps hit the tower and die ‘unfarmed’ from tower aggro. Can you not!?

6. People who build item duplicates whose effects don’t stack

This is often a communication problem between two supports, but can also happen to cores. There are items that the team only needs one of because their effects don’t stack. Examples include Ring of Basilius, Mekansm, and Pipe. It is very important to notify the team if you’re going for said item or to check if someone else is making it to avoid wasting gold. Remember, supports don’t have the luxury to getting farm so if your pub team ends up having a Viper, a Windrunner, and a Chen, make it clear who’s going to build the Mekansm. Viper can usually farm it faster, but don’t assume that he will.


7. People who are oblivious of what casting delay means

Playing a Lina or a Leshrac support can be tricky if you’re the only one with the stun. Why? Because their stuns have casting animations and delays that are rather easy to avoid. Aside from casting the skill on the ground in advance, timing and positioning are very important. So if you’re a carry laning with these kinds of heroes, don’t flame the player if the casting wasn’t instant. It’s not their fault if you don’t know that attempting to stun a hasted enemy in broad daylight is most probably a bad idea.

Of course, at the end of the day, the support is just as important as any other role on the team. Just because they don’t need farm or experience doesn’t mean they should be blamed for everything. If you’re a support player, what horrible experiences do you have from teammates? Share and discuss it with everyone in the comments section below! You never know if your experience can help educate yet another clueless carry somewhere.

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