Enricko Lukman
Enricko Lukman
9:08 am on Nov 2, 2012

Yesterday marked the second day of the Jakarta Game Show 2012. We will take a look specifically at five game developer startups that were exhibiting there.


This game developer (pictured below, left) was one of two game developers that represented Indonesia at the Tokyo Game Show’s Asia New Stars Area this year. Aditya Sumantri, the business IP manager of Altermyth said that they are looking to launch an iOS fishing game called Pancipon Fishing as early as next week! Do stay tuned for an update about that.

Toge Productions

This game developer’s name is quite interesting. The team’s (pictured below, right) name uses a common vegetable ingredient in Indonesia called toge, or bean sprout). They were showcasing games such as Infectonator and Relic of War, the latter having won the best 2D PC game prize at the recent Indonesia Game Show.

You can play Toge’s games for free on your PC here. For Infectonator, you can also buy and play it on your Android or iOS smartphone.

From the left – Hutama Setyo Ruswidyo and Aditya Sumantri

From the left – Dio and Jonathan Manuel Gunawan


Nightspade (pictured right) was promoting an interesting iOS game sponsored by the candy brand Chupa Chups. It’s called Give a Dam. The gameplay is simple – you stack various characters and make sure that they don’t fall off to the waterfall.

The team said that it didn’t take too long to finish the game development, just around four months. This is because the Chupa Chups game adapts similar gameplay to Nightspade’s previous game Stack the Stuff. Nightspade is looking to launch the game soon in Bandung with Chuck Studios acting as the game’s publisher.


This game developer (pictured below, left) also won a prize at the recent Indonesia Game Show, as the best feature phone-based game Trigger Knight. The game can be played on both feature phones and smartphones, and it looks like a lot of fun. Mintsphere is looking to launch the award-winning game into the brand new Windows Phone 8 platform in near future.


Sangkuriang is a unique name that showcases the game developer’s love of Indonesian legend. Teguh Jati Nugraha, a representative of Sangkuriang (pictured below, right), showed me the team’s newest game for iOS and Android called Gori Lost. The gameplay requires you to deliver items safely to the finish line using Indonesia’s traditional vehicle, the becak.

It seems like Sangkuriang does more than just build games. The company is divided into four main IT services, and one of them is Sangkuriang Game Studio. You can check out more details about them at the company’s website here.

Touchten [1]

Another Indonesia Game Show winner (this time in the best smartphone game category) was also present: Touchten. The team was showcasing two of its latest games – the puzzle train tracks building game Train Legend, and a zombie-themed game which hasn’t yet been given a final name. The former is already available for Android, and the iOS version should be available later this month.

As for the zombie game, we play as the big sister who’s holding a baby and is running away from a horde of zombies. While running, the baby will help shoot the zombies that are trailing you. The game is still, we’re told, at the quality testing stage in the studio, and the team says that they are still figuring out a name for the game. Anton Soeharyo, the co-founder of Touchten, also explained that they are building the sequel to its award-winning game Infinite Sky.

The Mintsphere team at Jakarta Game Show

Teguh Jati Nugraha from Sangkuriang

  1. We’ve added Touchten to the list of game dev startups present at the Jakarta Game Show. Agata Studio’s booth was also there, but there was no representative during the event’s second day.  ↩

  • http://www.lucidrine.com azrael

    Altermyth is no startup, they are the oldest gamedev in Indonesia right now

  • http://www.techinasia.com Willis Wee

    Hi Azrael. Startup is the measure of spirit, not length.

  • http://www.lucidrine.com azrael

    I think company as big as Altermyth is no longer entitled of startup company, they have been around almost 10 years, and have a very good structure, scalable business model, and have over 50 employees

    I’m just curious, what is your definition of startup anyway?

  • http://techinasia.com Willis

    Hi Azrael. When the company think it’s a startup, then it’s a startup. It must also be designed for high growth and scale. Just like Evernote. it functions like a startup. and I believe Altermyth functions pretty much like a startup, gunning for high growth.


  • http://www.lucidrine.com azrael

    oh well, if you say so :D, it’s your blog anyway

  • http://techinasia.com Willis

    Haha. Great chat. Hope to see you commenting more on our blog. We love conversations :)

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