4 Final Fantasy mini-games that need to be ported to mobile


At some point this year we’re going to get a bite-sized Final Fantasy VII treat in the form of FFVII G-bike. For those of you who missed it, G-bike was revealed at E3 2014 and it looked freaking amazing, just check out the launch video:

[fve]http://youtu.be/C3KKH9zB59Y [/fve]

The G-bike is based on a level in Final Fantasy VII where the Cloud protects his friends from the back of a motorbike—using his trademark buster sword of course. It was also a playable mini-game at the Golden Saucer amusement park. It’s short, simple, replayable, and fun—it’s perfect for mobile adaption and destined for success.

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And that got me thinking. The Final Fantasy series has loads of mini-games, some of which would be perfect for mobile porting. If G-bike is a success when it launches later this year, it might be the inspiration for more mini-game based ports. Here’s the list of which Final Fantasy mini-games that need to be re-made:

1. Chocobo Racing from Final Fantasy VII

Chocobos are to Final Fantasy what whiskey is to Scotland but our giant feathered friends have been mostly ignored by the mobile generation (except for an odd, chocobo-themed twister game for iPad).


Racing games are always popular and if you add some chocobo breeding mechanics, themed stages (one for every Final Fantasy?), and customisation in-app purchases, you have a recipe for success.

Who wouldn’t want to race their very own chocobo against their friends?

2. Frog Hunting from Final Fantasy IX

Admit it—you were sold on the title. Final Fantasy IX’s frog hunting is the pastime of one of Square Enix’s weirdest creations, Quina Quen. Quina is a genderless chef who devours his/her enemies to learn magic and has an unquenchable appetite for frogs. Frog hunting was more than just catching frogs and the best hunters need to know their prey.


Balancing frog genders was just as important as learning how to catching them. Excellent frog hunters needed to manage amphibian populations by learning male from female and not over-hunting. Swamp management sounds like something the Farmville generation could get their teeth into.

Then all you need is some Cooking Mama mechanics, the premise of Quina opening a restaurant, a large selection of frogs, and you’re ready to go.

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3. Triple Triad from Final Fantasy VIII

The Triple Triad card game was one of the most addictive card games ever. It’s no wonder that the world was in such chaos when everyone spent more time playing cards with one another than they did saving the world. Even on my most recent play through I spent so much time playing Triple Triad that I forgot what I was doing and had to consult a walkthrough!


In a world obsessed with Hearthstone it seems natural that Square Enix would try to get a chunk of this market. Obviously Triple Triad would work best if expanded to include characters from all the Final Fantasies, but it could go all Heroes of the Storm and include characters from various franchises as well. I would love to see Kingdom Hearts’ and Parasite Eve characters duking it out with each other.

This one’s a no brainer and was even mentioned in Kotaku’s interview with G-bike developer Ichiro Hazama. In fact some enterprising fans have already decided to cut out the sluggish Square Enix and have launched both a Triple Triad and iOS version  of the device.

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4. Blitzball from Final Fantasy X

Blitzballs may be crappy weapons but Blitzball is a cool sport. It’s a mix between American football, synchronised swimming, and outright violence—it’s the perfect sport!


Final Fantasy X’s Blitzball was great fun. It was a fusion of JRPG, combat, strategy, and team management I’ve never seen before or since. In fact it was so good little needs to be changed.

Add some Championship Manager-style management mechanics, throw in some extra Final Fantasy characters (make Cloud a purchasable extra and watch the cash roll in), and you have the first mobile JRPG/sports game.

I would love to see fresh life breathed into these four games, and I’m sure I’m not alone. What do you think? Should these games stay in the past, or should they join us in the present?

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