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3G Service Coming to Myanmar Next Year

C. Custer
C. Custer
8:00 am on Jul 3, 2013


Following in the news that it was chosen as one of two companies to build Mynamar’s new mobile network, Norwegian telecom Telenor has announced that it will be rolling out 3G service in the country, with 4G planned for further down the line. Although the full nationwide 2G/3G network will take five years to be totally complete, according to the Bangkok Post, Telenor will also be installing 4G base stations along the way in the hopes of future-proofing the network.

Myanmar, which has only recently opened up, has a mobile penetration rate of around 10 percent, making it one of the least mobile countries in Asia and a significant opportunity for Telenor to pick up a big chunk of the country’s 50 million citizens as subscribers. No numbers have been announced regarding exactly how much Telenor plans to spend in Myanmar, but it recently committed to investing over $1 billion in 3G in Pakistan, so clearly the company isn’t shy about spending huge sums of cash on developing markets.

Telenor Asia communications director Glenn Mandelid told the Bangkok Post:

With our competence and experience from similar situations in other Asian markets — the group’s largest revenue source — we’re confident of being able to roll out services that will benefit the people […] We aim to take the market leader position in Myanmar.

(via Bangkok Post)

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  • Arstan

    They all say – Myanmar is the new land of opportunities. I’m sure it will be interesting for technopreneurs to get updates and insides on how to get started in Myanmar. I’m sure there are ways to go around before the new foreign investment laws kick in.