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Now, consumers are able to abandon bulky 3D glasses and carry a 3D screen on-the-go with Singapore’s EyeFly3D, the brainchild of Temasek Polytechnic (TP) and A*STAR Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE).

Launched officially yesterday, EyeFly3D is a simple plastic filter, similar to a regular mobile device screen protector, which allows distortion-free viewing of 3D content in both portrait and landscape mode. It’s less than 0.1mm thick and can be added onto or removed from your smartphone with ease. Using IMRE’s proprietary nanoimprinting technology, the plastic film has about half a million ‘perfectly shaped’ lenses engineered onto its surface. It’s being marketed by local startup Nanoveu.


EyeFly3D is a two-year project that was funded under a National Research Foundation (NRF) R&D grant in December 2010 and was initially focused on optimizing control of the nanostructures and integrating them with complementary software applications. Now, TP and IMRE have since shifted their focus towards commercialization with the assistance of Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd which is ASTAR’s technology transfer arm that also helps to gather home-grown technology, funding, networks and collaboration together to help ASTAR startups.

The team will also be exploring the possibilities of implementing the same technology in banking and security, such as for security access tokens. In a preview shown to the media, an example was to have a credit card installed with the plastic filter that allows the holder to decode an encrypted pin on the website to prevent phishing and fraud.

According to Alfred Chong, founder and CEO of Nanoveu:

This removable plastic also opens up a multitude of opportunities for anyone wanting to create affordable premium 3D content and games for quick adoption to existing portable devices easily.

The startup is also in the midst of licensing the technology exclusive for ETPL and TP and will be collaborating with local stereoscopic 3D CG animation production company Tiny Island Productions, to create more 3D content for EyeFly3D.

Presently, the plastic screen filter on the EyeFly3D is only compatible with the Apple iPhone 5 and iPod Touch (5th generation). Owners of other mobile devices, such as Android or iPads will have to wait a few more months. As for compatibility with other devices such as Blackberry and Windows Phone, the company will be gauging the market demand before initializing its production, which takes place in Japan and Korea.

EyeFly3D is open for preorders on their website, retailing at US$34.95 per piece, and it is expected to ship internationally from April 27th 2013. It will also hit the shelves of local distributors such as Epicentre, in mid-April. Nanoveu will also be working with distributors to bring EyeFly3D to other countries such as the US, UK, Australia, and Thailand.

Check out the video below for an introduction of how EyeFly3D works:

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