25% of Facebook Users Live in APAC [INFOGRAPHIC]


Even if it’s blocked in China, Facebook has a lot of users in Asia. In fact, users in the Asia-Pacific region (that includes Australia, too) now make up more than 25 percent of Facebook’s total population. The folks at SocialBakers cooked up an infographic that breaks this down and digs deeper into Facebook trends in Singapore and Australia specifically. Before the graphic, though, a few warnings.

For some reason, it appears our friends at SocialBakers left out Japan (even though they clearly know it’s in Asia)! Wondering if perhaps they knew something I didn’t, I double-checked with our correspondent in Japan, who confirmed the island nation was both still in existence and still located in Asia. That being the case, I took the liberty of adding Japan and its ten million Facebook users to the top of the infographic. Later on, however, Japan’s numbers aren’t represented in their charts. It’s also worth noting that the infographic sometimes uses the word “Asia” when what they actually mean is “Asia-Pacific.” Anyway, here’s the graphic!

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[via SocialBakers]

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