1cak, Indonesia’s version of 9gag, now has 9 million monthly pageviews



It’s been more than a year since we last talked about 9gag’s clone in Indonesia, 1cak. We recently spoke with founder Aji Ramadhan about how the site is doing, and he revealed it now has about nine million pageviews per month with about 560,000 unique visitors.

Ramadhan is 1cak’s only full-time staffer, who runs the site from Bandung. “It’s still under control,” he says, regarding him running the entire scene. A few major updates he mentioned include the startup’s new Android app (pictured above) and other features like being able to follow users and receive notifications when new comments are posted.

1cak is not just a clone of 9gag. The Indonesian site now has a lot of localized jokes and memes catered to local readers. Some examples of them are the “Mad Dog” meme from Indonesia’s famous movie The Raid and jokes about current boy band trends.

Ramadhan says 1cak is a proftable company, running on Google Adsense ads alone. He isn’t currently looking for an investor. In the future, 1cak wants to update its Android app and launch an iPhone version.

Other humor sites in Indonesia include MalesBanget and na9a. The latter doesn’t seem to be very active anymore, though. There are also 9gag lookalikes in Vietnam in the form of HaiVL and Hamvuivn.

(Editing by Paul Bischoff)

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