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Here’s your weekly cheat-sheet of all of the major happenings in the Asian tech scene, condensed into a single post to enjoy by the poolside.

1. Darma is a smart cushion that corrects your posture and reminds you to meditate

Sitting too much is unhealthy – but inevitable – so why not teach people how to do it right? Darma is a smart cushion that aims to do just that.

2. Google’s new Boat Trekkers will capture images of recovery from Japan’s tsunami-ravaged coastline

Google Japan’s “Street View from the sea” project aims to document the coastal areas hit hardest by the country’s March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

3. The case for bootstrapping: building and selling a startup without a cent of funding

Juggling both investor expectations and the day-to-day task of building your business up is incredibly taxing, and certainly not for everyone. Jon Yongfook, founder and CEO of Beatrix, believes there is another path that is equally rewarding, and that is to bootstrap.

4. Uber finally rides into Hong Kong

More than a year after it first ventured into Asia, popular transportation network company Uber has finally arrived in in the fragrant harbor.

5. This startup could be a lifesaver when you’re seeking credible statistics

Type a search term and Graph instantly generates – you guessed it – a graph with selectable timeframes and parameters.

6. Ask a question, get a plan: new Indian startup streamlines your travel booking

FindmyCarrots mimics the aggregation model of a large travel portal like Expedia or MakeMyTrip but has other variables and layers of metadata for destination discovery and booking to one’s taste.


1. 3 epic entrepreneurial failures to learn from

Failcon Japan speakers, hailing from both San Francisco and Tokyo, came from a variety of backgrounds but all had one thing in common: a gift for surviving spectacular setbacks. Here are a few of our favorite fails.

2. 5 tips to avoid or bounce back from entrepreneurial failure

We rounded up the five most useful failure hacks shared by Failcon Japan presenters to give you insight on how to bounce back from failure – or avoid it altogether.

3. Here are 5 strategies Reebonz uses to attract wealthy shoppers in Indonesia

Although Indonesia’s middle class is a small group, brands targeting them can grow if they adopt the right strategies – which is what luxury estore Reebonz is doing.

4. 5 arguments for foreign startups in China to register in Hong Kong

Besides a joint venture, other options include the Cayman Islands, Singapore, and other tax havens – but all have larger barriers to entry.


1. Singapore: a nation of entrepreneurs or wealth managers?

Singapore’s wealth management industry grew 22 percent in 2012 to US$1.29 trillion. Singapore, a millionaire haven for years, could dislodge Switzerland as the wealth management capital of the world by 2020.

2. ‘Uber for logistics’ is already happening in Asia, and Uber is getting left behind.

By shunning fancy black cars in favor of no-frills white vans and trucks, Hong Kong’s Easyvan and Gogovan have beat Uber to the punch.

3. China has a new tech billionaire; here’s his untold story of betrayal and broken promises

Before Leo Chen founded Jumei, a Chinese online cosmetics store that listed in the States, he was a struggling student entrepreneur in a dorm room. Now, he’s a billionaire – but the road to riches was a rocky one.

4. After almost pitching for the MLB, this entrepreneur founded Japan’s biggest amateur baseball league

Gigathlete CEO Shingo Ogaki went from pitching in the US Minor League to founding a successful sports-based startup in his native Japan.

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