13 kinds of people you will meet in an MMORPG

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Many things about MMORPGs have changed from the genre’s heyday years ago. But if there’s one thing that won’t change no matter what world you step into, it’s probably the kind of people you meet in-game. As if by some universal law, you are bound to come across certain kinds of players at least once in your MMO adventures. They may have different faces, different names, and even different nationalities, but they can be categorized in one of the the following kinds nonetheless:

1. The farmer

MMORPGs are often about grinding it out, both for gold and experience. This can be fun at first, but not everyone has enough patience to do the same thing over and over again. Meet the farmer, who specializes in grinding in-game for long, long periods of time. Sometimes, this farmer can be a high-achiever, who wants that realm first before anyone else. Other times, he might have no life. And occasionally, he might be getting paid to play.

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2. The expert

This is the person who knows just how many stat points you need to put into which attribute for the most effective maximum distribution. He also knows each skill tree as well as his handprints. He doesn’t have to necessarily be a math genius, but he does have an excellent grasp of the game and its mechanics. If this game was a school subject, he’d ace it without breaking a sweat. The expert may be aided by either real-life or online calculators, and will often reference an accurate and reliable game database.


3. The millionaire

You can never escape the elites, not even in-game. This guy is blessed with the Midas touch, and is insanely rich compared to most other players. Just like in real life, the millionaire can either be very hard working or very lucky. Sometimes, he can even be both. He’s also often the reason why you understand that life is unfair as you stare in awe (okay, maybe in jealousy, too) at him flaunting his high-level equipment and costumes, changing one expensive mount after the other every time you encounter him in town.

4. The premium player

If the game has an item mall where you can shop with real money, you know this guy has been there to shop. You know because you can already see him flaunting the latest premium items just minutes after they go on sale. He may be in town walking around with the latest headgear or perhaps near PvP arenas looking for some poor soul to turn into mince with his latest paid-for gear set.


5. The fighter

There are two types of fighters in every MMO. First, we have the ones who win because of their gameplay skills, grasp of mechanics, or insanely awesome equipment. Then there are the ones who love PvP combat, but who lose because they spam attacks and skills with reckless abandon. The common factor between them is the main reason for getting into this game: fighting people. His idea of solving disputes is dueling. His idea of having a good time is dueling. His idea of testing his character’s strength is dueling. And if a game’s PvP system is horrible, he already has one foot out the door.

6. The underground citizen

This is the person who sells gold, buys gold, uses third-party applications, and exploits in-game bugs you never knew existed. All under the radar, of course. Sometimes he gets away with it; sometimes he doesn’t. Such is life.

7. The long-time noob

This person has been playing the game for ages, but still has no idea how it works. He blindly follows guides, putting together equipment sets or stat builds that make no sense whatsoever. He may also copy other players’ builds and parrot other people’s opinions about them. If you’re someone who thinks a Triple Bloody Katar is the strongest equip for all occasions in Ragnarok Online, I am talking about you.


8. The pilot

“Pilot” is a term used to refer whoever is controlling an avatar that doesn’t belong to him. A pilot is often a trusted friend or sibling whose services may or may not be paid for. They are often hired for two reasons: either the account owner cannot or does not want to play his own character at the moment.

The first happens because the original owner of the account is subjected to uncontrollable circumstances that prevent him from playing. For example, a player who needs to attend class will have his account piloted to steer the character to complete quests or continue grinding (no time must be wasted!). In my case, I ask someone to pilot my character when I need to go to dungeons or finish quests that involve spiders. Arachnophobia isn’t fun.

The second, on the other hand, happens because of the owner’s whims or personal preference. Some people prefer playing their characters when they’re much stronger and decide to have them piloted during their early levels. Others who don’t have the patience to farm have their characters piloted until they get up to a certain level or earn a certain amount of gold.

So the next time you send a PM to one of your online friends and you get a reply that says, “Sorry, I’m just a pilot”, you know what it means.

9. The love birds

If you’re trying to escape the real world because you’re single and can’t bear to look at happy couples, then you need to go elsewhere. MMORPGs are full of love birds, who are either couples in real-life or who have just met online. Love birds have a tendency to act all lovey-dovey in guild chat or in public chat while spamming heart and kissy emoticons and sitting together in the middle of town with matching gear or mounts.


10. The hopeless romantic

This guy or girl is playing MMORPGs because s/he wants to find a boy/girlfriend who plays MMORPGs. This person usually befriends and falls in love with anyone he gets along with in the guild or in his friends list. I say “he” because it often happens to guys, but make no mistake that a female variant of this character exists. I also say “hopeless” because the chances of finding true love in-game is often little to none, which is why a lot of male hopeless romantics fall for the next person in this list…

11. The chixilog

Although “chixilog” is a term used in the Philippines, I have no doubt this creature exists in MMORPGs all across the world. It literally means “girl with balls”, and is used to refer to men hiding behind a female avatar in an attempt to pretend to be female. Remember, GIRL spells Guy In Real Life.

A chixilog often takes advantage of unsuspecting male players (especially hopeless romantics) to earn gold, equipment, dungeon assistance, or boosts. “She” often has a fake Facebook account to affirm “her” gender. The existence of the chixilog is not a secret, and the chixilog has been around for as long as I can remember (even chatrooms have this), which is why I often wonder why the hell people are still falling for these gold diggers in-game.

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12. The beggar

This person messages you to beg for gold or equipment. Sometimes, he even has a wishlist of stuff he wants from you. For free. He also sometimes spams the world chat in hopes of finding a GM who will grant him items. The beggar usually has a supposedly valid reason for his pleas, like “I was hacked” or “I’m new to the game”, and will even try to flatter you by calling you “master” or “idol”.

13. The scammer

If I could punch people in the MMORPG world, the scammer would probably be next to, if not on par, with the beggar and the chixilog. The scammer’s deeds range from paying 100,000 gold instead of the agreed 1,000,000 gold, to coercing people into click on links that lead to phishing sites.

Of course, there’s the receiving end of this treachery: the victim, who you will often see spamming the world chat about how (insert player name here) is a scammer and should not be trusted. Many people say scammers are so sly you won’t realize he was a scammer until after it happens (isn’t that the whole point, though?), but if you think about it, people who are careful enough don’t fall prey to scammers. Moral of the story? Get smarter, players!

Did you recognize yourself or any of your friends in the list? Do you have anything to add to it? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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