12 Startups in Asia That Caught Our Eye

Emily Goh
4:37 pm on Jan 20, 2013

Here we are, ending the week with another compilation of all the startups in Asia that we have covered in the past seven days. For tips and stories suggestions, feel free to email us. Alternatively, you can submit tips here and/or your startup here. Enjoy this week’s list!

1. Tabsquare | Singapore

Singapore-based e-menu startup Tabsquare lets customers browse food on an iPad. The startup offers restaurants cloud-based data storage, inventory managment, CRM, and point-of-sales systems. Tabsquare also announced this week that it has raised funding.

2. Tiket | Indonesia

Indonesian travel booking platform Tiket recently opened its offline agent reseller program to expand its market reach even further. This will allow people to become travel agents even if they do not have a lot of related IT skills.

3. Singapore Geek Girls | Singapore

Singapore Geek Girls is a new organization for women entreprenuers that aims to help them mentor, connect, and collectively share information with one another.

4. Xinci | China

China’s Xinci is basically a version of UrbanDictionary, packed full of user-submitted Chinese slang terms. It has 4,000 entries in its database so far and the founder has a monetization plan in mind. You can also catch the author discussing this startup on ABC Radio Australia.

5. Lola.vn | Vietnam

Vietnam-based startup Lola.vn is geared towards handmade goods, in the spirit of sites like Etsy. It also embraces a culture of educating users about handicrafts alongside its e-commerce angle.

6. Feecha | Singapore

Feecha is a mobile app developed by The Chingchong Group that mixes location, microblogging, and cute creatures into an app. Check out its revamped v2.0.

7. VNG | Vietnam

VNG has grown to be one of Vietnam’s largest web companies. It owns online properties ranging from media to social networking. It’s still predominantly a desktop-first company, and it hasn’t published any mobile games to date. But it has launched several mobile-centric products such as Zalo, a mobile messaging app. VNG’s founder tells us his startup journey.

8. Zopim | Singapore

Zopim is six-year old Singaporean startup that provides live chat software for websites. At moment, they have a team of more than 25 members, with around 70,000 businesses actively using their service to engage with customers.

9. JasaKirim | Indonesia

JasaKirim is a spin-off logistics product developed by Indonesian startup Onigi by integrating with a major logistics company.

10. Carousell | Singapore

Singapore’s Carousell is a lifestyle marketplace that allows you to snap, buy, or sell your pre-loved, newly designed fashion products. Its competitor, Singapore Press Holdings’ STClassifieds, has joined forces with the lifestyle marketplace app startup to create a better mobile experience for users.

11. Cacoo | Japan

Cacoo is a Japan-based online collaborative design service which we have featured a few times before. With over 700,000 users worldwide, the service has rolled out a number of fun features since it was first launched, and has now taken things a step further, unveiling Cacoo for Enterprise.

12. JazzMyApp | Malaysia

Malaysian startup Mobile9 has launched JazzmyApp as a highly social way of finding new apps for iOS and Android. It’s a sort of Pinterest for mobile applications.

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