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Chinese tech companies like Alibaba, Zhaopin, Qihoo, and Yongche continue their march overseas. Read on to find out what the top Chinese tech stories were last week.

1. 11 Main, Alibaba’s first consumer-facing ecommerce site in the US, launches in beta

News of the launch comes on the same day as Alibaba’s announcement that it acquired UCWeb, makers of one of China’s most popular mobile browsers.

2. With new partnership, Tesla set to build 40 Supercharger stations across China

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) has just three Supercharger stations in China right now where its electric cars can juice up. But Tesla has confirmed today that it’s all set to build 40 Superchargers in China thanks to a new partnership with two of China’s biggest retail and real estate companies.

3. Alibaba teams up with China Post to make nationwide 24-hour delivery a reality

China Post is the country’s biggest postal service, and has offices pretty much everywhere, including rural areas.

4. China’s biggest job search site Zhaopin debuts on US stock market

The fresh stock performed well, opening at $14.51, rising 16 percent to US$15.67 by midday, and settling to $14.65 at the closing bell.

5. After building a Chinese web empire, Qihoo looks to new markets in developing nations

It’s not just Baidu, China’s top search engine company, that’s looking to developing nations for new market opportunities with hundreds of millions of first-time netizens.

6. China’s top limo app set to expand overseas, wants to challenge Uber in the US

Chinese startup Yongche, which is China’s top on-demand car site, is set to launch in San Francisco and New York.

7. Jack Ma talked him into it: all the dirt on Alibaba’s acquisition of UCWeb

Alibaba and UCWeb jointly announced the former’s full acquisition of the latter, publicly calling it the biggest merger in the history of Chinese internet companies.

8. Gong Haiyan: plain jane factory worker to founder of China’s biggest dating site

Gong Haiyan is one of the most celebrated female tech entrepreneurs in China, having successfully founded Jiayuan (NASDAQ:DATE), China’s answer to Match.com, back in 2003.

9. This Chinese app puts Whisper in the workplace, helping white-collar workers dish the dirt

Tusi (or “toast” in English) is an app that’s already broadcasting some dark secrets from big-name Chinese companies.

10. Never made a profit? Don’t worry. Here are 5 US-listed Chinese tech companies that haven’t, either

Here are five of China’s biggest listed tech companies that, to date, haven’t made a dime.

11. A look inside Zhihu, China’s answer to Quora

Zhihu is China’s biggest question-and-answer-style knowledge base, and works very similar to the US-based Quora.

12. Tencent wipes out millions of prostitution, porn, and fraudulent WeChat accounts

Tencent (HKG:0700)has closed several million WeChat accounts in a campaign against cybercrime.

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