1000 Knights review: what happens when an RTS forgets the S


1000 Knights, Mobage’s new real time strategy game for iOS and Android devices, will have you taking orders from a king that seems to be straight out of a frat and fighting otherworldly monsters in an attempt to rule the whole world inside and out. This RTS may only be available in Japan, but to be honest, you’re not missing much.


The story goes that while the king was eating a cream puff he had a startling realization. He had control of the whole world, but like the cream puff, there was an entire center that had yet to be seen. WIth this new-found ambition and a lack of concern for safety, the king ordered his 1,000 knights to invade the underworld.

It is here that you will find enormous square blobs, toads, and even dragons that you will have to fight through to claim victory of the world’s center. Each stage will have one hulking monster that will take hundreds of knights to topple. The game starts you off with both sword- and javelin-wielding knights, but as you work your way through stages and or dump large amounts of cash into in-game purchases, you will unlock a whole crew of warriors.


Each stage will start with your castle in perfect condition at the top of the screen and a monster, who is seemingly minding his own business, chilling at the bottom of the screen. You then send 50 knights to go battle the beast. Once your knights reach the monster, they will automatically initiate their attack, and the monster will respond with jumps that bring massive shockwaves. These shockwaves don’t only hurt your knights, but also do damage to your castle.

If you are able to defeat the monster before it destroys your castle or your army is obliterated you win. If not, you lose and are sent back to the castle.

As it is a RTS game, you will spend a large amount of your time watching the game take place, and reacting appropriately. Fortunately, 1000 Knights does a great job of creating colorful and interesting stages that look to be something straight out of a comic book. These colorful backdrops serve to accent the all black knights and monsters. This adds some much needed style to the otherwise simple game.

1000 Knights is not just visually pleasing though, the game does a fairly decent job with its sound as well. The royal music, the childlike battle cries, and even the monster roars all add to the game’s comedic feel.

A simple enough concept, funny king, and interesting visuals and sound should make for a great game right? What could go wrong?


Oh man. I don’t even know where to begin. 1000 Knights is just plain boring. I actually fell asleep playing through the second level. That’s not a joke, that actually happened. You send your 50 knights out to battle, and when a couple of them fall, you send out more. There is nothing to think about. Nothing to strategize. You simply tap a knight and watch him march to his death.

It would be different if there were some kind of indication of what kind of damage each type of knight was capable of, or if one type of knight was more effective, but as it is all of the knights look to be pretty equal. This makes for one pathetic real-time-STRATEGY game.


To make matters worse, the AI in the game is terribly random. The knights don’t always seem to know which direction to go, and sometimes end up spending their short life walking into walls instead of towards the monster. I can’t say I blame the knights for not wanting to go in the direction of danger, but if I was going to win I needed my knights to at least show up to battle.

The monster’s AI was a whole different mess. It ranged from suicidal to god of war, and its difficulty had nothing to do with what level you were on. While playing stage 4, the monster just gave up attacking after the first 15 seconds and laid there for me to beat. I then went back to level 1 to level up my knights, and found that this monster did not know how to stop attacking. Seeing how you can’t really hurt the monster while it is attacking, my castle was destroyed in under a minute.

These are hard to look past, but if you can and still want to play, you should be warned that you are going to have to pay some real cash to unlock anything of substance. The game gives you three knights and one of each of the four power ups, but as you progress it becomes painfully obvious that you are going to need much more if you want to keep on playing. That’s where the shop comes in to play.


Overall this game did nothing but bore and aggravate me. I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you want to pick it up you can find it at the Japanese Apple Store or Google Play.


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